Weaving the Web

Closeup of a thoughtful Tim Berners-Lee at the...

Closeup of a thoughtful Tim Berners-Lee at the data.gov.uk launch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Weaving the Web, The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web by its Inventor by Tim Berners-Lee with Mark Fischetti. This is a very interesting book by the inventor of the World Wide Web telling of its origins and where he wants it to go in the future. The Web is all about making it easier for people to cooperate with each other and to do it better in larger and larger groups.

The next step in Web development may be the semantic web, where machines directly or indirectly, process data with little or no human guidance. A language named RDF, Resource Description Framework, based on XML as is HTML, the language of the WWW, has been developed to aid in making the semantic web a reality. It should be a very exciting future.