Politics and religion

Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA....

Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Taken by myself with a Canon 10D and 17-40mm f/4 L lens. This is a 3 segment panorama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two controversial subjects in one post. Oh my.

I am an agnostic and my wife is a lapsed member of the Mormon faith. I live in the heart of Mormon country, but religion is not important to me. I remember when JFK was running for president. He was the first Catholic elected to the presidency and many people wondered if he would follow the Pope‘s orders. He didn’t.

Now the same questions are being raised about Mitt Romney. I do know that many Mormons were Democrats in the past. At some point in history, a high Mormon official wanted to run for elective office, but the Democrats already had a candidate. He decided to run as a Republican and the Church asked for volunteers to become Republican and vote for him. After that over time, more and more members of the Mormon Church became Republicans.

Living here as I do, I know of only one Democratic member of the Mormon Church. That may not be the case in Salt Lake City. I do believe that if Mitt were running as a Democrat that he would be supported by many members of the Church. How many, I do not know.