The Church of the 1%

Church HDR

Church HDR (Photo credit: I_am_Allan (home for a week))

Material success is a sign that God approves. Poverty is a sign of moral failure. In the doctrine and dogma of the Church of the 1%, it is considered second guessing God’s decisions to systemically aid the poor. That’s why the 1% believe in low or no taxes. Why encourage behavior that God considers immoral or improper?

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2 thoughts on “The Church of the 1%

  1. Dates back to (at least) 1st Century Judea. Jesus took a certain amount of flak for denouncing this sort of notion; but people who hoped to be his followers fell into it themselves.

    The tendency to fudge the religion to fit people’s prejudices — and to ensure good relations with the ‘powerful’ …. well, quite a bit further back.

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