Obama misstep

Republican tactics lead to deminished wages fo...

Republican tactics lead to deminished wages for American middle class – American income gap grows (Photo credit: EN2008)

Yesterday Barack said that the private sector of the economy is doing well; he meant in comparison to the public sector, and now the GOP is running with that snippet of tape. The total economy is suffering because the GOP want to defeat Barack in November. The private sector is adding jobs while the public sector continues to shed jobs yielding a combined unemployment rate of 8.2%. If the GOP in Congress would allow the Federal government to aid the states during this recession, then the states would not be laying off so many public sector employees. Most of those layoffs are occurring in red states, states that became red or redder due to the TEA Party influence in the 2010 election.

If the employees being laid off were private sector employees, you can bet the GOP would be more amenable to providing assistance. If all the teachers, firemen and police officers were employed by private employers, rather than government, you could be sure of two things. If they were employed, they would be earning less and if their employers needed government assistance, they would get it.