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Never a City So real, a Walk in Chicago by Alex Kotlowitz. A slender volume of 159 pages written by someone who loves the city as I do, my place of birth and residence for my first 24 years.

The book’s final paragraph talking of a project to document the city’s people in photographs.

“When Comer first considered his project, it was because he’d been struck by the vast physical changes here, but in the end, what he captured was a people—a people evolving, a people shifting and changing, a people finding their way. I asked Comer why he thought the photographs of Chicago had become such an attraction abroad. ‘Because,’ he replied simply, ‘the place is real.'”

I decided to write this post because of all the attacks on Chicago by the Right. Those attacks are so undeserved, and I believe that they are the result of hostility to Barack Obama. Just another method of attacking the President. The book is also a useful supplement to the V. I. Warshawsky novels of Sara Paretsky.

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