Eric Newby

The four-masted barque Moshulu, the ship on wh...

The four-masted barque Moshulu, the ship on which Eric Newby sailed. She is today a restaurant ship at Philadelphia, PA, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eric Newby was a legendary travel writer, sort of your father’s Paul Theroux. He wrote several books which most people have heard of, if not read. If you have not read Newby, I recommend him highly. He wrote The Last Grain Race, about sailing a ship from Britain to Australia and return. It complements the books of Joseph Conrad very well.

I am currently reading A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, about mountain climbing in Afghanistan before all the recent wars. I am also reading Round Ireland in Low Gear, which is the perfect complement for any of Dervla Murphy‘s bicycling books.  Slowly Down the Ganges is his account of exploration in India. He also wrote about war in Italy in 1943 in Love and War in the Apennines and travelling around the Mediterranean Sea starting in Naples and travelling clockwise in On the Shores of the Mediterranean.