China Mieville

China Mieville (Photo credit: ceridwenn)

Railsea by China Miéville. My favorite Miéville books are Scar and Iron Council, and I was hoping that Railsea might be a continuation of either or both. It is not. It is a young adults version of Moby Dick closer to Un Lun Dun than any other book that China has written and illustrated himself too. The story is much better than Un Lun Dun.

The story is related to nothing that he has written before, takes place on a different planet, and soon grabbed me after the initial disappointment. The railsea of the title is a sea of tangled railroad tracks on which trains sail in the manner of ships at sea. Mocker-Jack is the great white, ivory, yellow? monster mole that is Captain Abacat Naphi’s obsession. However, the hunt for Mocker-Jack soon takes a backseat to the search for treasure located in heaven. That is as far as I intend to reveal the plot. I have just finished a first reading today to find out what happens. I intend to re-read the book at a more leisurely pace to more fully enjoy Miéville’s prose.

China will be at a book signing and reading today in London at Forbidden Planet from 6 to 7pm. Wish I could attend. If you go to their website www.forbiddenplanet.com , you can order a signed copy of the book.

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