Mitt wants money

Three ex-Bainies at lunch today Governor Romne...

Three ex-Bainies at lunch today Governor Romney is running for President. update: and now Meg Whitman is running for Governor of California… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And he ain’t getting none of mine. That’s what I tell my wife every time I receive a letter solicitation for a campaign donation. This time Mitt‘s theme was, “Do we place our trust in government or in the American people?” In my opinion, they are one in the same. The purpose of government is to protect us from the bad guys, whether they are carrying guns and want to rob us in our homes or dressed in expensive suits and packing derivatives on Wall Street. We must act in concert to protect ourselves when individuals lack the knowledge or strength to protect themselves by themselves.

According to Mitt, “Americans are desperate for strong, focused, fiscally responsible leadership.” So desperate that he underlined the entire sentence. Sorry Mitt, we’re not that desperate that we’ll vote for you or send you some of our hard-earned money. Use your own wealth and that of your 1% buddies to pay for this election.