BOTT report May, 2012

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barack Obama Truth Team report for May 6, 2012.

Barack’s birth certificate, the Fast and Furious scandal, the Solyndra scandal, Obamacare, all these are purely distractions, invented or hyped to give the GOP reasons to attack the President which they intended to do, no matter the circumstances. The real issue this election cycle is the economy and the Republicans have done everything they can to slow the recovery. Today the voters in France and Greece will give their verdict on the austerity that the GOP wants to impose on the US. I’m betting that austerity over there will be voted out, and we don’t want it over here.

Jobs gained in the private economy are being lost in the public sector as cash-strapped states layoff thousands of employees. What this economy needs is more stimulus so that consumers feel confident enough to spend and so that they have money to spend creating demand. In normal times if the GOP were in power, they would be stimulating the economy to win election or re-election. After the election, the GOP usually induces a recession to check inflation at the insistence of the 1%. Then the 99% would suffer through the recession. If the GOP were to win in November and institute austerity, I believe that we will experience the Great Depression 2.

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  1. You may want to read up on Fast and Furious. 2 law enforcement officers, and thousands of Mexican citizens, were killed due to Team Obama’s gun trafficking scheme which was designed to push for stricter gun control laws.

    Solyndra was exposed by the Washington Post, not Republicans.

    Obama created this scandal by rewarding his 1% billionaire bundlers loans for their bundling millions for him. Like Obama, you seem to enjoy blaming others but facts continue to prove most of what you write is bullshit opinion.

    ObamaCare was created by Democrats and Obama. The majority are against it. Democrats are running away from it and the Supreme Court will rule it unconstitutional to force Americans to buy a product from third parties (those evil insurance companies Obama pretended to hate) from cradle to grave or face a fine.

    Again, I challenge you to provide a source for your claim on how Republicans have slowed the economy when most know Democratic policies have been in place since 2007. Not to mention, laws are passed in the House and sent to the Senate, who is controlled by Democrats who refuse to pass a budget or any other job creating bills from the House. Civics 101.

    Bet you didn’t know Democrats have blocked over 20 job bills or that Obama’s “jobs council” agrees with most of them. Explains why Reid refuses to give them an up or down vote.

    Under Obama we are Greece. Our debt is now more than our gross domestic product. I’m sure you didn’t know this.

    Debt to GDP ration was 40% during the Great Depression. We are now in an Obama Depression with a record amount of unemployed Americans dropping out of the labor force.

    Try providing sources to real information, not heavily edited Wiki sites.

  2. “If the GOP were to win in November and institute austerity, I believe that we will experience the Great Depression 2.”
    True. But it Obama would get blamed for it.

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