Walter Satterthwait

New Mexico

New Mexico (Photo credit: alasam)

Dead Horse by Walter Satterthwait is about a real-life mystery,  set on the Dead Horse Ranch near Las Vegas, New Mexico. It is a slender volume, 180 pages, in which Satterthwait attempts to determine if a ruled suicide from the 1930s was actually murder or something else. I am not going to spoil the story by letting the cat out of the bag. Satterthwait is a favorite mystery writer who sets most of his stories in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with his hero being  detective Joshua Crofts. He has also written a trilogy set in Europe involving a male and female FBI agent. Miss Lizzie is his version of the Lizzie Borden story. If you haven’t discovered Walter Satterthwait yet, this is a good book to start with.  I found my copy at a reasonable price, used on Amazon.

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