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Democracy and Education

Democracy and Education (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some bloggers exalt republics and denigrate democracy as mob rule. Why do they do that? I believe they show disrespect for democracy because they don’t like majority rule. They believe that they, a minority, know better what is good for the country than the unwashed majority of voters. That is one of the reasons that the representatives of the 1% in the media frequently tell members of Occupy Wall Street to take a bath and get a job.

If majority rule, with protections for the minority, is really a problem for some voters, the answer I believe, is better education in general and better education in particular in American history and civics. The media in recent years has really failed in their job to educate voters and I believe that it is the result of the concentration of media ownership in a few corporate hands. The principal purposes of the media now are the generation of profits and the support of the GOP who support the 1%, rather than the fair and balanced supply of information needed by the voters.

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  1. 6 mass media corporations control more than half of the information we can see, hear or read (Comcast/GE, CBS/Westinghouse, Viacom, Disney, The News Corporation & Time-Warner/AOL). Is that “Freedom” of the Press?
    The 72 corporations listed at (Advance Publications, A.H. Belo Corporation, AMC Networks, American Media, Astral Media, Bertelsmann, Cablevision, CanWest Global Communications, etc.) control more than 80% of what we can see, hear or read. Is that Freedom of the Press?
    72 multi-millionaires and billionaires have the “freedom” to determine the vast majority of what we can see, hear or read. 308,000,000 million Americans do not have the freedom to determine the vast majority of what we can see, hear or read. Is that Freedom of the Press?
    Freedom of the Press is dead in the United States of America (1776-2011).
    72 greedy rich people were given the “right” to dictate to you almost all of what you can see hear or read. 72 greedy rich people were granted the “right” to dictate to you what you can think and what you cannot think.
    Time to pull the plug on media from those 72 greedy rich gigantic corporations and time to plug in to media that’s 72-free.
    “Freedom” of the Press in the U.S.A. owned by 72 multi-millionaires and billionaires. “Freedom” of the Press all but denied to 308,000,000 other people in the U.S.A. (the “little people”). Time to re-establish Freedom of the Press in the United States of America.
    72 greedy rich people dictate the vast majority of what can be seen, heard or read in the United States of America. And a small group of corrupt government officials have been letting them dictate.
    Is there an alternative? Yes. Freedom of the Press. No more dictators.
    Participate with pro Freedom of the Press organizations such as, and Tell your friends and neighbors about the hypocrisy of “Freedom” of the Press in the United States of America today (2012). If you’re a billionaire and your name is Rupert then you have the “freedom” to shove 25% of the media that exists down the throats of hundreds of millions of people. And many many more “freedoms” too.
    Demand Freedom of the Press from our elected officials. Vote elected officials out of office is they do not comply with the Constitution of the United States of America and the U.S. Bill of Rights (and the Declaration of Human Rights that the U.S. government also signed) in providing Freedom of the Press and insuring Freedom of the Press (and all of our rights and freedoms). Shine a light on the corrupt and greedy people who have robbed us of Freedom of the Press. Shine a light on the corrupt government officials who have let them rob us. Speak up. Speak out. With friends, family, neighbors, everyone. Demand accountability. Demand justice.
    Work to restore Freedom of the Press in the United States of America. Expose the corruption and hypocrisy of 72 greedy rich people and the small group of corrupt officials who have served them (and not us; we, the people).
    Get your media (news, radio, internet, print, newspapers, books, film) from individuals and groups who are NOT among those 72 greedy rich gigantic corporations that currently dictate the vast majority of what we can see, hear or read. Boycott the 72.
    Demand from elected officals and un-elected government officials (e.g. the FCC) that equal time, equal air space, equal access and equal bandwidth be granted to TV, internet, radio, cable, news, etc who are NOT the 72.
    Support the media who are not part of the 72, participate and volunteer if possible, donate, get to know them, click onto their shows, stand with them, be cohesive with them and help out to uphold our rights to Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech by insuring that the ’72-free’ media people are guaranteed the right to continue to broadcast and publish (via internet, via radio, via cable, via TV, via print).
    When the non-72 are censored – shine a light on the censorship and work hard to end the censorship and restore their right (OUR RIGHT) to Freedom of the Press. When the 72-free are shut down or blacked out: shine a light and work hard to restore their broadcasts and their media messages. From infowars to Third World media sites to First World “72-free” media sites, see hear and listen to what they have to say; support them; see hear & read what they have to offer often, and shine a bright light and speak up loudly when they are censored or blacked out. Demand justice. Demand an end to censorship. Demand an end to the monopoly of the 72.
    Anyone skeptical about how deeply we’ve been robbed of our Freedom of the Press – by a small group of greedy rich people and a small group of corrupt government officials – look at the blogs, the 72-free sites, the 72-free programs, the 72-free print, the 72-free films, the 72-free radio and any 72-free media that you can access.
    What a different world they are telling us about!
    Many of the best 72-free sites (sites free of these 72 gigantic mass media corporations like The News Corporation, Viacom and Time Warner) from around the world will have many Firefox moments of: “Server not found …” and many Google Chrome moments of “Oops! Google Chrome could not find that website” and many IE moments of “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. (Unless Firefox was taken over by the 72, Firefox is my main browser.) They’re letting you know you found some of the hottest what’s new media there is. Shine a light on the censorship, the media black outs and tell as many people as you can. Spread the word. Demand that media black outs come to an end.
    As you move forward to becoming 72-free, you will discover the best news stories, the truth you just can’t find with the Big 6 Mass Media Mega-Corporations, the truth you can’t even find with the Big 72 Corporations; movies that make you feel real emotions, real humor, real feelings of love, real action, real suspense, real people, real places, and more; radio like you’ve never heard radio before; video games that are uplifting and truly a pleasure to enjoy (not dulling, draining and zombiefiying like the products from the 72 gigantic Mass Media corporations). True news you just can’t get from the 72, real movies, real radio, real internet, FREE internet, real books; welcome to world of the 72-free, welcome to a world of Freedom of the Press (again!). Come early and come often. 86 the 72.
    The power to click is at your fingertips.

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