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Cropped version of File:Official portrait of Barack Obama.jpg. The image was cropped at a 3:4 portrait ratio, it was slightly sharpened and the contrast and colors were auto-adjusted in photoshop. This crop, in contrast to the original image, centers the image on Obama's face and also removes the flag that takes away the focus from the portrait subject. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I roam the blogosphere, the criticisms I see of President Obama often make no sense at all. What is causing much of the lies and distortions that are wildly off the mark? I must conclude that they are based on fear of someone different and frankly on race.

Barack had a black father and a white mother. Yet in the blogosphere, all that critics of Barack talk about is his father and how great an influence his father had on him. Hardly any mention is made of Barack’s mother, Ann Durham, nor of her influence on Barack before her death in November, 1995 when Barack was 34 years old. After his father abandoned his mother in Hawaii, Barack saw his father only once for about 4 weeks when he was 10 years old. Barack received half his genetic inheritance from his mother and the vast majority of the environment that shaped him came from her, not his absent father. Both Barack’s father and mother were very smart people; Barack received his intelligence from both of them. While his mother was working in Indonesia on her research, he lived with his white grandparents in Hawaii.

Barack’s critics label him as black. Having met the man briefly and watched him speak in person, I like to tell his critics that he is not black, he is a rich brown. To emphasize that fact, I tell them that he is mocha, not black. If they cannot understand that, they need to adjust the gamma of their computer monitors or the color controls on their TVs. I have noticed a difference on TV from one station to another, and I sometimes wonder if the difference is deliberate.

P. S. While thinking about this article, I was suddenly struck with the realization that Barack Sr. visited his wife and son in Honolulu for the only time in December 1971, and I was there, making my first visit to Honolulu. If only I had known then what we all know now, I could have met the family at their reunion.

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