Painter 5 manualIdeas are wonderful things. I get some of my best ideas in the middle of the night when I awaken after four hours of sleep and before I drift off to sleep again. I find that it helps to write down my ideas before I drift off. I can only retain three ideas in the morning if I work hard at it. If I have more than three ideas, the others are lost, at least for a while.

Currently, I am receiving a great deal of inspiration from learning to use new parts of Corel Painter 10. I bought my original version of Painter 5 from Fractal Design when it was packaged in a one-gallon paint can. It was a brilliant marketing idea, and I decided that I had to have a copy as soon as I saw it in a computer software store. It was over $300 as I remember, but I have loved the program ever since. Some of my ideas will be tested on this site as I prepare to incorporate them in my testing site

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