Ignorance OR stupidity

When Did Ignorance Become A Point Of View?

When Did Ignorance Become A Point Of View? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ignorance and stupidity are not synonyms. Stupidity is inherited; it is in the genes. Stupidity can be made worse by poor nutrition in the first two years after birth. Permanent brain damage and a drop in IQ can result from hunger in infancy.

Ignorance, on the other hand, can be cured by education. Ignorance in the US seems to be on the rise judged by what I see on TV and on the internet. If ignorance is indeed on the rise, what is causing the increase? I believe that the corporate owned media are not doing their job and some in the media ( FOX News) are deliberately misinforming the public. It is in the best interests of the 1% to keep the voters ignorant and divided. Schools may be blamed for some of the ignorance. This is a subject about which I am ignorant, but that I intend to remedy.

The ignorant don’t know the  difference between ignorance and stupidity. The stupid know the difference, but don’t care.

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    • Could be an editing problem. Ever since the doctored videos used to destroy ACORN, I am leery of videos that prove one thing or another. I want to be there and see the interviews conducted myself. That’s why I still have an open (semi-open at least) mind on Palin. I have read her books and maybe half a dozen about her. I know how selective editing can portray someone one way or the other. I have a Michelle Bachmann bumper sticker on my car where there was an Obama 2008 sticker before. The Obama sticker was the talk of the town. I planned to go to Mesquite, Nevada to see Bachmann in person, but she never appeared there. I figured that she couldn’t be as crazy as she appeared in the mainstream media, and I planned to go to see her disguised as a supporter. Guess I can take that bumper sticker off my car now.

  1. Do you remember the stunt Howard Stern played on people in New York City during the 2008 campaign? He sent a “reporter” into the streets to ask various people for whom they would vote – based on the policies of the two candidates. However, he ascribed McCain’s policies to Obama as he asked, “McCain or Obama?” In every case, those queried no only said, “Obama,” many of them defended McCain’s positions – unknowingly, of course.

    The best? The faux reporter ended each interview with, “So you’re okay with Sarah Palin being vice president, then?”, to which everyone answered, “Oh yes!” with gusto.

    So, ignorance, stupidity – or the fault of FOX NEWS?

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