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Karl Rove Assistant to the President, Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My wife and I both lead busy lives with each of us going in different directions. Each day we try to sit down for a few minutes to talk face to face. We often do that over a backgammon board. We have been playing off and on for most of our 36 years of married life. The game has become so automatic that we both know when the game has reached its moment of truth, a moment late in the game when a single roll of the dice will determine who wins and who loses.

I remember the debate in 1980 when Reagan demolished Carter by asking the simple question, are you better off now than you were in 1976.  A moment of truth. Four years later, he repeated the feat by saying he would not take advantage of Mondale‘s youth and inexperience, a second moment of truth.

I believe that there will be a moment of truth in one of the debates this year between Obama and Romney. There will be no place for Mitt to hide and the 100s of $millions of negative ads from Karl Rove and friends will offer no protection. Mitt might be better advised not to debate at all. He would lose then, but the margin of defeat might very well be less than if he does debate and meets a moment of truth before a vast TV audience.


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  1. I disagree. The question Reagan asked is the perfect debate question for Romney to ask. Many, many Americans are in much worse shape (and the mood of the country is certainly worse) since Obama took office. Personally, Obama doesn’t think well on his feet without a prepared speech so I don’t think he would fare well in a debate on the state of the nation today. He has so far refused to discuss his record on the campaign trail (who can blame him? It’s a mess) but instead is trying to campaign as he did in 2008 as a “new” candidate and using diversionary issues: women’s rights, class warfare and race. Such uplifting issues to bring our nation together. All Romney needs to do is consistently point out the present state of the US in just about every area and point to the man in charge. Not that Obama is necessisarily to blame for everything that is wrong, but he is the guy in charge and he is not addressing the woes. Obama’s #1 goal right now is not improving the economy, addressing the deficit, getting spending under control. It’s getting re-elected. What a disgrace to have a public servant that has no desire or will to serve.

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