3rd party

Ralph Nader, speaking at BYU's Alternate Comme...

Ralph Nader, speaking at BYU's Alternate Commencement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am hearing distant drums on the internet and some of the natives are restless. There is resistance to Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee. Those who don’t like the choice between Obama and Romney have three choices: vote for the lesser evil, don’t vote or vote for someone else. In the 2000 election, I would not vote for the Democrat or the Republican. I chose to express my displeasure with the two choices by voting for the Green Party candidate, Ralph Nader. In this year’s election, I am suggesting to those who are dissatisfied with their choices that they consider voting for a third-party candidate on either the right or the left. My vote for Nader in California in the 2000 election had no effect on the outcome, but I felt better about it. With 20-20 hindsight, I might have voted for Gore instead, but Gore carried California by a comfortable margin without my vote.