Change is

Change is poster

I received a mailing from the Obama campaign today. Change Is is the 2012 theme. The mailing I received is a life-size, black, white and blue portrait of Barack from the shoulders up. The bottom of the poster is a listing by date of his administration’s major accomplishments to include:

  1. Equal pay for equal work
  2. Saving the US auto industry
  3. Credit card reform
  4. Hate crimes prevention act
  5. Affordable care act (Obamacare)
  6. Student loan reform
  7. Wall Street reform
  8. Middle-class tax cuts
  9. Repeal of  “Don’t ask, don’t tell
  10. Raising fuel efficiency standards
  11. Ending Iraq war

I know that the GOP will belittle this list, but I think that it is a worthy list considering how difficult the GOP in Congress made his work.

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