Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Governor Mitt Romney of MA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mitt is saying that the most important issue to women is the economy, and that the Republicans are the party to trust on that issue. That is a hard argument to swallow when the Republicans in Wisconsin have  just made it harder to make a discrimination case to stick and the first law passed in 2009 by the Obama administration was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. How gullible does Mitt think women are?

2 thoughts on “Baloney

  1. Mitt Romney does not speak for me or the majority of women in America. Every time a politician says “The majority of American women’s concern is the Blah, Blah, Blah” they’re just using a political tactic that unfortunately for them the majority of people now know is simply a tactic. Thanks to global conversations, through Twitter, FB, etc. and news from internet sources besides our TVs media, more folks are discovering what is truth and what is not. Political tactics are just that – another way to win the race.

  2. The only way Romney can win back the women vote is to disasociate himself completely from the Republican Party. Woman are not going to vote republican this go, not after seeing what they’ve done with the little bit more power they got after 2010. Just image what they’d do with the presidency and a rubber stamp president like Romney.

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