Smaller nurses

Mission Santa Barbara, known as "the Quee...

Mission Santa Barbara, known as "the Queen of the Missions," was founded in 1786. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continuing my conversation with the nurse who still works at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, she complained about the reduced size of the nursing stations in the remodeled wards. I jokingly said that the nurses needed to be smaller. Then I gave the situation more serious thought. Foreign-born nurse are usually smaller than American nurses because of diet. Beyond that, I think that smaller nursing stations indicate management’s future intentions. Patients will be increasingly monitored remotely with one employee, not necessarily a nurse, assigned to watch the monitors. Then it will be possible for each nurse to be assigned more patients, reducing the number of nurses needed. Staffing levels have long been a bone of contention in California with unions involved and propositions proposed for voters to decide.

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