Big Brother

big brother

big brother (Photo credit: Vince_Lamb)

1984’s Big Brother is planning to move to Utah as soon as his new digs are finished. Workers are racing to complete Big Brother’s new home in the Salt Lake City suburb of Bluffdale. Once completed, the NSA (National Security Agency) will be able to monitor and store for future reference all electronic communication within the US. They believe that they will be able to break encrypted messages in the near future. That means all email and cell phone messages and conversations will be available to the government if they ever want to examine your past history to include web usage. They will be looking for suspicious trends that may develop over a period of years. If you are not a suspect now, you could become one in the future. Then NSA analysts will be able to dig back in the records to determine what you doing and saying in years past.

To prevent government surveillance, people will be forced to resort to face to face meeting out-of-doors, just like the Mafia, or start writing to each other the old-fashioned way, by means of hand-written letters, delivered by the USPS, if it still exists. Then all you will have to worry about is surveillance by your mailman/woman.