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Reason (magazine)

Reason (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I received the May, 2012 issue of Reason magazine today in the mail. There is a prominent article by Greg Beato entitled, “The Gun Explosion, Why the Firearms Boom is Good News for the American Economy.” Gun sales are way up and he lists several reasons. It is easier for small manufacturers to produce guns using computerized milling machines. More manufacturers are making more and different models. Women and men in combat are returning to civilian life with knowledge of guns and a desire to own one or more. Fear that some models may be banned. Beato’s closing words, the best way to reduce the sale of guns may be to defeat Barack Obama in November.

2 thoughts on “Gun control

  1. Kind of ironic- as the increase in gun sales under Obama is indisputably based on various forms of fear.

    I am not anti gun per se, but feel like many of our systems- this one is badly broken. And I have, in my years, had too much experience telling me that quite often those least capaple of responsibility with a machine designed to take life, are the one who speak loudest that it is there “Right”

    A couple of my blog posts on the issues of guns

    • I have never owned a gun. My wife even opposes the replicas that I used to decorate a Western-styled game room. I think it best not to have them around in case of anger or depression. There are too many self-inflicted wounds or guns used by children accidentally or in response to perceived slights/harassment. I don’t want to carry a burden of guilt for the rest of my life for an action or inaction on my part.

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