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The culture wars are back. Why now? Because the Republicans are desperate for a winning issue. Despite their best efforts, the economy is limping along toward recovery, and Barack’s poll numbers are inching up. The GOP lacks a viable candidate to oppose Barack. Their manufactured scandals, Solyndra and Fast and Furious, are being exposed as the frauds they are. Contrived culture wars are the only remaining way to energize their base and distract the voters.

Will it work? No. Their timing is off; they started too early. The next 6 months will bore many of us silly. The Barack Obama Truth Team will have plenty of time to refute their charges before the election. Sorry guys and gals, Barack will win re-election this year. Better luck in 2016.

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2 thoughts on “Culture wars

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  2. I read “What is The Matter With Kansas?” and my take was “What is The Matter With The Democratic Party?” WJB grasped the ongoing angst of Kansas and ran with it. All sorts of shifts in demographics and economics shifted the Democratic Party away from issues of the Heartland and the Heartland took notice. Just as the Democratic Party shifted away from “wink-wink” “nod-nod” with reference to Black/White issues in the South and the rethuglican party noticed.

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