Decision/Indecision 2012

Herbert Hoover - NARA - 532049

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GOP voters are having a hard time making up their minds this year. Their indecision is reflected in rapidly changing polls and daily, if not hourly, changes in who is considered a leading contender. In the long run, I doubt that it will matter who they choose as their nominee, Barack will be re-elected, see my post Charmed life. Ronald Reagan’s name is mentioned often as a model, but he was too pragmatic for today’s ideologues. The GOP is really seeking someone like Barry Goldwater, but what they will give us is another Herbert Hoover.

What truly worries me is the effort by some in the Neocon branch of the GOP to launch another preemptive war, this time against Iran. In my judgment, they want hostilities with Iran before the election for the sole reason to blame President Obama for the results and advance the chances of their nominee to defeat him. If there is any good coming from the war, they will claim credit and blame Obama for the bad, and bad there will be.

Any hostilities in the Persian Gulf will cause gas prices to spike and likely will cause shortages leading to rationing. This will tip the world’s economies back into recession or worse. Anything to regain power and the White House.

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