Cat tree part 2

Cat tree finished

Cat tree finished

Our cats love their new cat tree. We are so happy that they are happy. They are clawing the carpet like mad. It is a good thing that we have additional scrap carpeting. I think that we will need it sooner rather than later. So far the cat tree has not grown any more cats.

Gary weighs 18 pounds and when he scratches or climbs to the top of the tree, it rocks. That is the reason for the brace and the bricks at the bottom. Gary is one hefty cat. What do you feed a hefty cat? You give him Hefty Cat, the cat food for hefty cats.

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  1. Wonderful idea. Great article. We got a scratch post for one of our cats, but he will not use it yet, he still likes the furnature. What do you feed a hundred pound cat? Anything he wants.

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