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Citizens United

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To preserve American democracy and rescue it from destruction by the super-rich, three steps are essential:

  1. The Citizens United decision by the US Supreme Court must be reversed, made null and void. There is already too much money in politics and Citizens United will increase it by a factor of 10-100.
  2. Congressional districts for the US House of Representatives must be redrawn to be as competitive as possible. When either or both parties have safe seats, voters wonder why vote and Representatives lose all incentive to represent their constituents honestly and truly.
  3. Large media conglomerates must be broken into smaller pieces so that they will compete to bring us real news, not pabulum designed for high ratings and higher ad revenue. Voters can’t make rational decisions if we lack relevant information. I am talking here about good, investigative reporting. I am not asking for more debates between a conservative and a liberal on TV that is supposedly fair and balanced by presenting two different viewpoints. Those arguments/shouting matches do not serve the public interest.

3 thoughts on “Saving America

  1. Money is the sole corrupter of politics therefore money must be taken out of political campaigns. Let political records of a politician stand as a ground source for a vote and show their debates for the voters.

  2. I’m with you all the way an farther actually.

    I believe that getting rid of the Citizens United decision is a great first step but the corruption of our government started long before Citizens United. That just took the cap off.
    The Corporations have been making the decisions for us since the 1950s if not before.
    They have been paying the politicians and/or threatening them to get what they want and they have succeeded.
    The only way to stop them or at least drastically reduce their influence is to take all private money out of Politics.
    No more donations. Period. Not from you or me or BOA or Northrup-Grumman or IBM or any other private sourse.
    All money used for political campaigns should come from the Government.
    Each Candidate should receive the same amount; and it should be used in prescribed ways to maximize public kn owledge of the issues and Candidates.
    I have detailed this proposed campaign system in my article entitled:
    Elections-Corruption-One True Vote {Part Four- The Campaign}

    Check it out. Tell me what you think. Seriously. I welcome your opinion.

    • I support public funding. I think that all the candidates should receive amounts determined by the voting population of their districts or states if they are senators. I think that all candidates, even incumbents, should submit signatures of 1-2% of the voters on petitions so that they are listed on the ballot. I also believe that challengers should receive greater funding than incumbents because incumbents have a head start in being known by voters.

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