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Are humans smarter than mice? When my son was a child, he had several mice as pets for a year or two. My wife and I took turns cleaning their cage. The first thing I noticed was that the mice did their business in one corner of the cage and the rest of the cage was unsullied by their droppings. Are we humans as smart as the mice?

We sully our environment almost willy-nilly with oil wells, mines, refineries, manufacturing, logging and now fracking to extract natural gas from shale. We do this throughout our environment dumping waste products anywhere and everywhere. Mice know enough to limit their waste disposal to a limited area. They do not discriminate by income level. Rich mice and poor mice share the same environment.

That is not true for humans. The rich among us do not live near our waste products or dirty industries. They can afford to live miles from our mines, oil wells, garbage dumps and up wind from sewage treatment plants. Humans force our poor to live near the environmental degradations that the wealthy avoid. If environmental damage is not important, why do the wealthy pay extra to avoid it?


One thought on “Rich mouse/poor mouse

  1. You are correct. The record of humanity is stained from the beginning to end I expect.

    It is a practice that made little difference when the normal by-products of the most advanced “Industry” was dirt or rock or wood.

    Just throw it anywhere was an adequate policy most of the time.

    Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution; following that policy has led us to our present state.

    Even Dogs know better than to excrete where they eat.

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