Taxing job creators

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“Job creators” almost always say that increasing taxes or regulations will cost jobs. Sometimes that may be correct, but the real question should be whether or not increased taxes and/or regulation will result in greater or lesser benefits than their cost. Listening to those who oppose any tax increase is like giving in to the spoiled child who wants to play by his rules or he will take his ball or other sporting goods and refuse to play. My answer to that ploy is to say, let him. The spoiled child will eventually miss being left out of childhood games and the remaining children will find other things to do. They may even combine funds and buy substitute sporting equipment or make their own.

That is also true in the world of adults or those who pretend to be adults. If a job creator wants to avoid his/her responsibilities to society in the US, let him sell out his/her interests here and move abroad. I think that American job creators will find that they miss their homes, friends and relatives, and businesses here in the US. They may be able to recreate their businesses abroad, or then again they may find difficulties there that do not exist here. I think many true job creators are in business for the fun and joy of it, not the money. Monetary success follows success in business and is not the central reason that job creators create businesses. It is the professional business managers that job creators hire later who are in the business for the money, not to create jobs.

Americans are creative people who welcome the brightest and best from around the world as immigrants. If some of the 1% refuse their responsibilities to the rest of us and prefer to withdraw to their earned retirement elsewhere, so be it. I’m willing to bet that other Americans will step up to the challenge. And if the retiring 1%-ers get bored or have a change of heart, we will welcome them back.

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  1. Interesting take on this issue. I wrote a couple of pieces on my blog that touched on some this too. There is little talk about the benefits from regulations compared to the cost. I was debating with someone not too long ago who said Obama’s regs cost more than Bush’s. After doing a little research I found this person was right BUT the benefits of Obama’s regs were oders of magnitude higher than any of those GW put through. It was pretty interesting.

    Good post!

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