3 scenarios for 2012

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There are three possible scenarios going forward this year in which huge sums of campaign cash are being spent to influence the vote: a likely scenario, an optimistic scenario and a pessimistic one, IMHO. Let us start with the

Likely scenario

In my judgment, it is likely that Barack will be re-elected and that the GOP/Tea Party will continue to have enough members in the House and Senate to continue their obstruction. In other words, two more years of what we have now, stalemate. A difficult economy and wads of corporate and 1% cash will be enough to blunt the American’s voters desire for progress.

Optimistic scenario

President Obama is re-elected and the Democrats retake control of Congress and eliminate the possibility of filibusters in the Senate. At last, our problems will be addressed and our long national nightmare will be on its way into history. At this time, there is no way to predict how likely this is to happen, thanks to the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court unleashing a flood of campaign cash.

Pessimistic scenario

In Flashback, Dan Simmons paints a dismal picture of the US twenty years in the future. The US is bankrupt and partially dismembered with some northern states now part of Canada and the American Southwest occupied by a massive invasion from Mexico. He blames all of this on Barack Obama, but not by name. I think that this dismal US future is more likely if we elect Mitt Romney or some other GOP candidate. To avoid this future in my opinion, we must demand better information from the media, and we must ensure more competitive Congressional districts.

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