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One of my favorite science fiction authors is Dan Simmons. The quotation below is from Flashback set in the near future US if current downward trends continue. It sometimes amazes me what one can learn if you keep your eyes open.

“‘Originally the stadium horse was Bucky the Bronco. Bucky was twenty-seven feet tall and was cast and enlarged from an original mold of Roy Roger’s horse, Trigger, when Trigger was rearing up on his hind legs. Roy Rogers was a TV and movie cowboy around the middle of the last century. Roy allowed them to make the cast from his mold of trigger before this version of the stadium was built only if the city and stadium owners promised that they wouldn’t name the new horse ‘Trigger.’ The people voted, I think it was in the nineteen-seventies, and named this bigger Trigger ‘Bucky the Bronco.'”

The above scene is from outside the Denver Broncos stadium. Trigger appeared on the final float of the 2012 Tournament of Roses parade.

Please see Roy Rogers

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    • I loved the Terror, a twist on Arctic exploration. Then there is Black Hills and Drood, both excellent but I prefered Black Hills. His first big hits were the Hyperion series of 4 books. Then too, I loved his take on the Iliad and the Odyssey, Ilium and Olympos. Enjoy.

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