Charmed life

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan.

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Ronald Reagan led a charmed life. During his presidency, criticism did not stick to him to such an extent that he won the nickname, the Teflon President. However, the Iran/Contra affair almost led to his downfall. Reagan acknowledged his culpability and asked for forgiveness. The American people forgave him, and Reagan avoided impeachment.

Barack Obama has also had a charmed life to date. When he ran for the US Senate in 2006, his principal opponent withdrew from the contest due to a sex scandal. The GOP found a weak replacement candidate who Barack easily defeated. In 2008, the GOP nominated John McCain and Sarah Palin, neither of whom were qualified for high office at the onset of the Great Recession. It appears that the GOP are intent on a repeat of 2008 this year by nominating someone not qualified to be president. The country deserves better.