6 degrees/180 degrees

Deutsch: Das Kleine-Welt-Phänomen: künstlerisc...

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Six degrees of separation is a belief that we are all connected together by at most, six degrees of separation, that is a chain of at most seven people who know one another, two at a time, forming a link in a chain of acquaintance.

180 degrees is the difference between my approach to the news media and that of Newt Gingrich. His approach is to attack anyone asking questions that he does not want to answer. It seems to work for him with the GOP voters. My approach to the media is to demand answers to tough questions that are important to the vast majority of the voters. I don’t really care about Newt’s peccadilloes or who is up or down in the polls; I want to know how the candidates propose to cure the economy and put Americans back to work at good paying jobs.

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