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England exiled its criminals to the US, and after the American Revolution, they sent them to Australia. At the time, crime was thought to be inherent or genetic; if you committed a crime, you could not be rehabilitated. In essence, you and your descendents carried a fatal stain in the blood that could never be eradicated. The journey to Australia was a long one and many prisoners died en route if they had no friends to help them prepare for the journey. The fortunate ones carried citrus with them to prevent scurvy.

In Wildness and Razor Wire, Ken Lamberton demonstrated how important friends and family still are to surviving the prison experience. Today, it is the poor and minorities who compose the overwhelming majority of the prison population because they cannot afford qualified legal help and because the war on drugs is fought primarily against them. Our present attitude towards criminals has changed little from England’s attitude 250 years ago. All that has really changed is that we lock people in cells here rather than exile them to a foreign country.

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  3. Amen.
    Tough choice. I’d go for the Transportation if it weren’t for that troublesome Scurvy/dieing thing.
    Of course; the battle for survival in prison can be difficult as well. Hmm.
    It seems all the other options have been deemed cruel and excessive.
    I’d rather give up a finger or hand than go inside for ten or fifteen years but it makes the ladies shudder.
    I’d rather take a bullet to the brain than go in for twenty-five or life.
    And while I’m at it; I have some questions concerning methods of Capital Punishment.
    Who do you suppose it was that decided that any of the modern methods of killing a man were more humane than the very quick and efficient Guillotine. When done correctly; without all the ceremony and bullshit that normally accompanies an execution it is nowhere near as cruel or unusual as Hanging; Gassing; Lethal Injection. I personally believe that is why the Guillotine was done away with. It is not in the nature of a man who is willing to methodically kill another man to seek his victims comfort. Rather the opposite; to seek his victims terror and pain.
    Overall though, the risks of killing an innocent man far outweigh any of the arguments for or against the Death Penalty. It is the one and only consideration that we need concern ourselves with to forever oppose the Death Penalty even were there no others.

    I do though think we should perhaps offer it as an alternative for prisoners who wish it. That’s another controversial subject and I’m conflicted but sympathetic to it. What is cruel and unusual to one person is blessed relief to another. Anyway; take care.

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