Money Talks


Image by 401K via Flickr

Money Talks and BS Walks is the working title of a proposed docu-drama about the effects of the Citizens United decision by the US Supreme Court. The producers have their eye on Mitt Romney to play the part of Money because not only does he look presidential, he also looks like Money and he also talks like it. The part of BS has not yet been cast, but there are so many who could play this part  in the film. The question is who will be willing to work for a minimum wage? The script is still being edited and refined. I am sure that the final version will include Money’s famous line, “Of course, corporations too are people. Some of my best friends are corporations.”

The film will be released either at Christmas 2012, or in the summer of 2013, depending on Mitt Romney’s availability and the ability to find financing for what is likely to be a controversial film. Perhaps Michael Moore could be persuaded to direct or invest.

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