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In August of 1953, President Eisenhower‘s CIA assisted the British in the overthrow of Iran‘s democratically elected and very popular leader, Mohammed Mosaddegh , at the instigation of Anglo-Iranian Oil Company whose interests in Iran had been nationalized in 1951. The Iranians are a very proud people and they have not forgiven the US or Britain for restoring the repressive and unpopular Shah to power. The Shah was overthrown and forced into exile in January, 1979, by Ayatollah Khomeini and he installed the government of Iran which continues in power until today.

Some Neocons in Washington and elsewhere are presently advocating regime change in Iran. We are still living with the results of the 1953 regime change. Shirin Ebadi in her book Iran Awakening pleads with the West to let Iran work out its own problems and destiny. She was a judge in Teheran until the 1979 revolution forced her to retire. She won a Nobel peace prize in 2003. A citizen of Iran should know more about that country’s problems than someone living in the US who does not speak their language or share their 2500 year history and culture.

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2 thoughts on “Regime change

  1. Man are you right on with this one. I wish I could believe that anyone’s opinion will make a difference to the outcome in this situation. Unfortunately; in order for the opinion of Shirin Ebadi to carry weight; the Corporate Masters would need to care what was best for Iran and the US. As they care for neither; having no love for any nation and feeling no obligation to any but themselves; they will not order Obama to back off of Iran. They will Order him to attack and attack Obama will. Because why? Yes. Because he is payed by them to assist with deceiving the people while the Corporations; the Nazis; Fascists; 1%; Authoritarians; Capitalists; Money Mongers, Corporate Masters; or the “New World Order”; call them what you wish; take total control and institute a Fascist Police State. Sound Orwellian? Orwell was a Prophet from the looks of things. Who knew?

    Sound Conspiracy Theory-ish. It is. Just like the Cuban missle crisis was; until the evidence was confirmed.
    Just like many of the most horrific historical events were until they happened.

    Be afraid. This will happen unless we all get up and work together to stop them. These people have no conscience. Don’t let yours keep you from ending their bid for total domination and the enslavemnet of all but the 1%.

    I support OWS and it’s related groups through my words and actions. If we all did this we could make a difference by non-violently occupying DC. and forcing the changes we all know must be made to save us.

    1. Get the private money out of Politics by stopping all donations.
    2. Stop all lobbying of congress and state legislatures.
    3. Standardize political campaigns with an eye to better public education and equal opportunity for all Candidates who are able to collect the required number of signatures.

    We can’t do it and we will cease to exist as a people if we fail to act courageously in spite of our fear.

    • I support Obama with a few qualms. Before the election, I learned that he was supported by the secretive Pritzker family of Chicago, the owners of the Hyatt chain of hotels. Just recently I read about the Hyatt of San Francisco demanding the dismantling of OWS in San Francisco. It is a disturbing connection that demands looking into.

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