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I favor the abolition of the Electoral College so that my vote will mean something. I live in a red state as many others do and many others of us live in blue states. Elections are contested mainly in swing states and it is those voters who decide presidential elections. I want my vote to have equal weight with theirs. I also believe that more people will vote if they feel that their votes are meaningful. It may be more difficult to steal a close election if there is no electoral college, as long as we make electronic tabulation of the vote more secure.

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  1. I fully aghree with your thoughts. To me, as a native German, with a completely different system of elections – and government, that is – the Electoral College has always been something of a mystery and an anachronism. I also prefer a proportional system over the winner-take-all. the latter is, to my mind, another reason why only a few swing states receive attention. And that is also what rewards gerrymandering and makes it possible to create safe seats. In Germany we never hear of any problems with redistricting. We don’t even get to know that it is done.

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