Dust jacket11/22/63 by Stephen King. This book grabbed me from page one. Some books do that and it becomes an “I can’t put it down” situation. I have read almost every word that Stephen King has written and I can even remember when and where I read my first of his books (The Shining, summer of 1980, 2727 Miradero Drive, Santa Barbara, California). I read science fiction books for relaxation, but in general I try to avoid books that involve time travel because I simply cannot become involved in them. In fact, before I read the glowing reviews of this book, I planned to avoid it. I am so glad I did not. I have barely begun and I am sure that at 849 pages, I am going to find the book too short. I will write another post when I have finished reading.

I have enjoyed reading all the Stephen King books I have read. Some have been better than others, and I am now re-reading some of his books that I enjoyed the most. I have just finished re-reading Desperation and Black House. I thought that there was no new way to invoke time travel, but King has found a way. In 11/22/63, an English teacher travels to the past in an effort to change history by preventing the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. If you are old enough to remember where you were when JFK was shot, you will want to read this book. Even if you have never read a book by Stephen King or sworn that you never will, you will want to read it. Trust me on this one.