Pollution, profits, people

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For polluters, profits come before people. That is especially true if the owners and managers of a polluting facility live at a distance. Profits are more important to the polluters than the health and very lives of people who are forced to live near the polluting facility because of economic factors. They cannot afford to live in a healthier, more costly environment.

The EPA, due to be eliminated by Ron Paul or maybe re-organized or eliminated by Rick Perry, is the government agency charged with protecting us from polluters. The EPA has an uneven record due to funding shortfalls and because it must work through the states. Some states are better than others in policing polluters.

I have a simple solution to the problem, probably unworkable, but it would produce quick results. Require the owners and upper management, together with their families, of the polluting facilities to live on the grounds of the facility or downwind nearby until such time as the pollution and health hazards are totally mitigated. I’ll bet that action will be fast and furious to cleanup the offenders.


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