The Big Lie

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Have you ever noticed that all Republicans say the same thing and it is usually untrue? It is my understanding that a weekly message is selected every Wednesday in a meeting under the auspices of Grover Norquist. That becomes the party message for the week. It is often a Big Lie that gains some currency from its sheer repetition by so many and so many unquestioning media sources.

For example, to present a “balanced” message as so many in the media do, Paul Ryan was on Meet the (Corporate Owned) Press on Sunday. Part of his message was the bromide that the Democrats are waging class warfare by asking the wealthy to pay their fair share in Federal taxes. When the media devotes equal time to the truth and equal time to Big Lies, that is not a balanced presentation of the facts.

I believe that the Sunday political talk shows should devote a portion of every show to fact checking what has been said earlier in that same show. With a few researchers there in person using the internet and reference books as sources, I believe that a real need could be served by quickly debunking what passes for political discourse in this country. If it were possible, I would connect every guest to a lie detector for instant monitoring.

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2 thoughts on “The Big Lie

  1. Jesse Jackson Jr. in his own words has called for Obama to take unconstitutional action, to break the Supreme Law of the Land. Nobody “spun” that.

    We used to call that a “coup d’etat”, as in “self-coup”, or like in Peru, “auto-golpe”. Fujimori openly suspended his Congress, but Chavez just held a fraudulent election and re-wrote their constitution. The super-rich plutocrats of the super-class George Soros buddies tried to pull one off in Honduras in 2009 to expand their empire because they’re tired of the irritation of competition cutting into their profits, but Honduras said NO!

    And those are the facts -checked and verified.

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