Impeach Obama?

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The birthers and some others have wanted to impeach President Obama ever since he was elected. I say that now is the time to give them that opportunity. The GOP in Congress will oppose any job creation measures until the November, 2012, election and the country cannot wait that long for action. I suggest that Barack use executive action and persuasion to get the Federal Reserve to take emergency action to fund job creation. The balance of Barack’s job legislation will have to wait for Congressional action.

I believe that this action will cause some in Congress to call for the impeachment of the President. That will create the spectacle of a do-nothing Congress acting to impeach a President who is acting to put people back to work. And that will produce a contrast in actions and motivations so stark that everyone, except perhaps Fox News, will be able to see the difference.  The voters will decide in November, 2012, who is right.

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