Let them eat cake

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Marie Antoinette, the wife of King Louis 16 of France reportedly said, “Let them eat cake” when told the poor of Paris had no bread to eat. She was later to regret her heartlessness when she had a close encounter with the guillotine.

Today on Wall Street, Americans are demonstrating against the financial firms that oppress us, charging exorbitant interest and additional new fees on money that the taxpayers are supplying to them at essentially no cost, that is interest free. Some of the employees of the financial firms stood on a balcony overlooking the protests and laughingly mocked the protesters by ostentatiously drinking champagne.

That was a heartless gesture and utterly stupid on their part. I believe that the video that I saw will be incorporated into countless campaign commercials from now to Election Day, November, 2012. I fervently hope that the video will collectively influence millions of votes. When Congress will not respond to the wishes and needs of the American people, then the only alternative we have left is to take to the streets to demonstrate. That demonstration has begun on Wall Street.

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