War Footing

Frank Gaffney

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War Footing, 10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World by Frank J. Gaffney and colleagues. Please note that the GWOT, Global War on Terrorism, has been promoted to the War for the Free World. This is the Neocon view of the world. I believe that the threat is greatly exaggerated, especially the Iranian nuclear threat. Therefore I was particularly struck by the following passage.

“In particular, we need to provide resistance groups with training in the tactics and tools of nonviolent conflict. One place to do so would be through the creation of independent trade unions in Iran. Like the Communist government in Poland, the Islamic Republic seeks to regulate and control all union activity. Unions can be powerful catalysts for liberty by channeling public discontent into irresistible forces for change.”

Funny how conservatives view unions as good in Iran and bad in the US. How can they justify that position?