I am weary

Grover Norquist

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I am weary of the Republican negative advertising on TV and the Republican refusal in Congress to alleviate the effects of the Great Recession due largely to their policies. I am weary of the lies that we must hear for the next thirteen months until the November, 2012, election. I am weary, but I will NOT surrender. It is a part of the Republican strategy that we, their opponents, will tire of the struggle and surrender. I will NOT surrender.

The cry is heard in the land, “Throw the bums out.” Well, we tried that in November, 2010, and look at the results we now must live with. Throwing the bums out does no good if we replace them with another set of bums. We must replace the bums we turn out of office with elected officials who are willing to take the pledge. No, I am not referring to Grover Norquist’s no tax increases pledge. I am referring to this pledge, “I am not now and never have been a bum.” Candidates willing to take this pledge are the ones we are looking for.

I am confident that Barack will be re-elected. I also think that the race for 2016 will begin shortly after November, 2012. If we are avoid a continuation of the present stalemate in Congress for another two or four years, we must elect members of Congress who will work with Barack to end the Great Recession before it morphs into the Great Depression 2. The present strategy and tactics of the GOP are endangering our ability to avoid disaster.

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