Ron Paul

Cover of "The Revolution: A Manifesto"

Cover of The Revolution: A Manifesto

I have listened to Ron Paul speak and I have read his book, The Revolution. Some of what he says makes a lot of sense and some does not. I do not think that he will be the Republican nominee for president in 2012, but I respect his courage in speaking his mind, no matter who are his critics or how influential they are.

If he is not the GOP nominee, I would encourage Paul to run as a third party candidate. In fact, if the TEA Party captures the GOP nomination, I would encourage a responsible conservative to run in addition to Ron Paul and the official GOP candidate. That would make it a 4-candidate race, and Lincoln won his first term in 1860 in a 4-party race. Barack’s current approval rating is about 30%, but I expect it to improve as we approach November, 2012. However, he could win at 30% in a 4-candidate race and the official GOP candidate could easily finish last.