SS Leviathan, ocean liner

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Imagine that all of us are on board a huge ocean liner named the USS Ship of State. Barack is our captain and he is trying to steer between two shoals, depression on one side and hyper-inflation on the other. Members of the Party of No are below decks trying to sabotage the ship’s engines, steering and other vital systems. This has been going on since Captain Bush retired and Barack took over. Under cover of darkness, agents of the Party of No have been drilling holes in the bottoms of our lifeboats and transferring the food, water and survival supplies to the lifeboats reserved for the Fat Cats of first class and above. Every lifeboat was adequately supplied, but the Fat Cats want an extra margin of safety for themselves as insurance.

Now is the moment that the members of the Party of No have been working for since Barack’s election. They have emerged on deck, shouting and waving their arms for attention and spouting lies and nonsense. They want to control the direction of the USS Ship of State and shackle Captain Obama’s freedom of action. It is up to us, ordinary citizens, to defeat their efforts. We can do it if we exercise our right to vote on Election Day or before. Just ask the members of Party of No about their activities during the past 2.5 years. Have they been part of the problem or part of the solution?

The Party of No does not care for BP’s “little people.” THEY DO NOT CARE if most of us suffer during their takeover efforts. If the Ship of State were to run aground or sink, the Fat Cats have sufficient diversified assets stored safely ashore and abroad to build or buy another luxury liner, albeit a smaller one, perhaps the CS Canada or HMS Great Britain. Some of the Fat Cats would opt to purchase the FS France because they enjoy their food, wines and fashions. Most of them would vote against that option because the France has a unionized crew and the other passengers are more vigilant than we are.