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Hunger is good for you if you are poor. Then you get to exercise your decision making powers. You can decide to spend your limited income on food, on shelter, on medicines, on utilities or other, but not on all in the same month. Hunger avoids most of the illnesses caused by overindulgence.

As a wealthy member of the Party of No, I can indulge myself to my heart’s content. If I become obese and need to loose weight, I can afford an expensive diet regimen or a vacation at a spa. If I don’t follow my doctor’s orders, I can afford heart surgery or angioplasty. You cannot. Therefore, we will not tax ourselves so that you too can afford the world’s best medicine. That is reserved for those of us who have earned those rewards through hard work (and good luck).

If you are hungry, it is your own fault. You do not work hard enough at the right job. You chose to spend your life learning an occupation which your managers later decided could be performed better and more CHEAPLY by workers in another country. Those of us in upper management earn salary increases and bonuses by making those decisions to save the company money by sending your job abroad. Tough luck. Life is not fair, unless you have lobbyists working for you to lobby government to make life’s rough spots go away for a select few. In our version of America, the few rule and the many suffer.

Please see Love thy neighbor

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  1. I’m honored to be included in this group of people trying to help. “veehcirra” said it best in, “When Hunger Came Knocking”, “This just shows that if we stand together we are stronger, no one should ever stand alone!”. Thank you.

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