Cut, cap and balance

Orrin Hatch, Utah's longest serving senator, i...

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Just received another Hatch Dispatch from Senator Orrin Hatch. He was wed to snail mail for the longest time, but now that a re-election campaign looms in 2012, he has adopted the latest technology.

In this Dispatch, he touted the Balanced Budget amendment to the US Constitution. He claimed that all Republican US Senators support it. Among other things, it would require a super-majority, two thirds I suppose, to pass tax increases and budgets. This approach was tried in California and found unworkable.California is now moving in the other direction. Why amend the Constitution to enshrine an unworkable measure? Because it would convert our democracy from majority rule to rule by a minority, one third plus one vote. The GOP is on its way to permanent minority status, but they want to continue to rule. That is why they support a balanced budget amendment UNANIMOUSLY.