Nixon’s playbook

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President Richard Nixon authorized the CIA to attempt the overthrow of the Allende government of Chile by subverting the Chilean economy. They succeeded in creating enough turmoil and economic chaos that Allende was successfully deposed on September 11, 1973, leading to the Pinochet dictatorship that lasted until 1990.

The GOP has adopted this page from Nixon’s playbook, and they are now applying it here in the US to bring down President Obama. They will continue creating economic turmoil and distress among Barack’s supporters until the GOP regains power in Washington, DC. Once they succeed in holding our economy hostage, they will repeat the tactic until such time as they succeed in regaining power or until the voters say “enough.”

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  1. If you haven’t read Naomi Klien’s ‘The Shock Doctrine’ I highly recommend it. She outlines in detail Milton Friedman’s plan that Nixon Followed in considerable detail.

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