“Likeable enough”

During a debate in 2008, Barack Obama said that Hillary Clinton was “likeable enough.” And that will be the deciding factor in the debate tonight and in this election. The more likeable candidate for US President ALWAYS wins. The GOP have labored for 24 years to portray Hillary as less likeable. And yet they have nominated Donald Trump as their candidate. It is hard to imagine anyone less likeable than Donald Trump.

Just imagine

California recently passed a law in which all candidates for an elective office compete in one primary. The top two finishers then compete in a run-off election in November. Just imagine a single national primary for the office of US President, say in July. Then the top two finishers meet in the November election after a relatively short campaign. If that were in effect now, this election might be between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

In Trump We Trust

In Trump We Trust, E Pluribus Awesome! by Ann Coulter. Not awesome, awful. And doubly awful because it is by Ann Coulter and about Donald Trump. I sincerely hope that this is the LAST book about Donald Trump that I will ever have to read. However, it is funny. Coulter claims eleven New York Times bestsellers. If this book becomes number twelve, it will be in the humor category, not politics.

Last words

From The Deep State, The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government by Mike Lofgren, an excellent book about the sorry state of our government.

“What I have suggested sounds utopian, even unworldly. But the United States has done more surprising things in its history. One of the most astonishing events of my life was the rapid collapse of the Soviet Union and its empire in Eastern Europe. The Wise Men of Washington, Bob Gates and the rest of his tribe, assumed it to be a well-functioning totalitarian system, cold as ice and unyielding steel. Yet it crumbled not because of military force or violent revolution. The people who lived there and bore its burdens imply gave up believing its myths. The United States is far better situated than the Soviet Union ever was, despite our many institutional flaws and the accretion of ideological myths that have impaired our ability to see the world as it is and live sensibly and peaceably with it. The path to a better America will  come surprisingly easily when, to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, we ‘disenthrall ourselves’ from wornout myths and the fears that underlie them.”

Honest Don’s slightly used cons

According to Donald Trump, “I have used these cons and I guarantee that they work.” He will sell them to you for the nominal amount of $1499.00 per con.

  1. Buy cheap goods abroad. Put the Trump name on them and sell them here in the US at premium prices.
  2. Promise to teach how to succeed in real estate.
  3. Start a university.
  4. Use political connections to obtain tax breaks.
  5. Use the tax code to pay no Federal income taxes.
  6. Use glittering generalities instead of specifics.
  7. Claim that only you can fix a problem.
  8. Attack your critics for doing what you are accused of doing.