Wag the dog part 3

Will Donald Trump start a war between now and election day to save the GOP and himself from defeat at the polls? Let us hope that John Kelly and James Mattis are able to stop Donald Trump and John Bolton from carrying out that strategy. If Trump and Bolton succeed in launching a war that we cannot win, then we are looking at millions of casualties and many of them will be Americans. For a look ahead at what might be our future, I suggest reading The Wild Shore by Kim Stanley Robinson. It is set in a future Southern California after a nuclear war. The rest of the world has sanctioned us and actively prevents any efforts at rebuilding. They no longer trust the US to behave responsibly.

Trump must go


Wishful thinking

An excellent article about war with North Korea. Try the simulation yourself and judge whether or not you support a Trump-launched war. I think that it is wishful thinking to assume that the US will be able to intercept North Korean missiles before they strike US and allied targets. A more realistic scenario is that most or all of the missiles hit their intended targets. The casualties would be huge. For a look at actual results caused by US bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I recommend Hiroshima by John Hersey.

Trump must go

North Korea summit cancelled

Today Donald Trump cancelled the Singapore summit with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea scheduled for June. I hope that North and South Korea will continue talks. My concern is that we are now entering the short season of prime war-making weather in Korea. If the US attacks North Korea, we will rely on air power which is severely restricted by bad weather during fall and winter months. With John Bolton’s advice ringing in his ears, Trump may order an attack, hoping to limit a North Korean response. If he does that, US and South Korean forces on the ground will pay a very heavy price when the North Korean Army invades South Korea.

Trump must go