First worst

When historians rank the Trump administration, they will rank it first among the worst presidencies.

First worse
Least beast
Yeast infection
Most Corrupt
Mentally incompetent
Verbally incoherent
Totally dishonest
Unfaithful, useless
Involved only in self
Donald Trump

Trump must go



The quotation is from a footnote on page 13 of Insane Clown President, Dispatches from the 2016 Circus by Matt Taibbi published in 2017. Trump vote totals in 2016 from the upper Midwest rust belt states were unexpected and suspicious.

“Computer scientists quickly raced to encourage the Clinton camp to challenge Trump’s win, noting that Clinton performed significantly worse in counties with electronic voting than in those with optical scanning or paper ballots.”

Trump must go

Telling the truth?

Is Donald Trump telling the truth when he denies collusion with Russia? It’s possible, although unlikely since he seldom tells the truth. It would be ironic if there were no collusion and then Trump is forced to resign because the investigation of collusion produced evidence of ordinary, garden-variety money laundering as suggested by Steve Bannon. On the bright side, if Trump is forced to resign and is then pardoned by Mike Pence, Pence will have no chance of being elected in 2020.

Trump must go

Romney’s running

Mitt Romney has announced his candidacy for US Senator from Utah. He is a good man, but he is a Republican. If elected will he stand up to Donald Trump when necessary, and it is always necessary?

Full name: Willard Mitt Romney. The Mitt is short for mitosis, the process of cell division. That is why he can claim, “I’m a divider, not a uniter.”

Trump must go.