The Plot to Destroy Democracy

The Plot to Destroy Democracy, How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West by Malcolm Nance published in 2018. Donald Trump has been a Russian asset for many years and Putin has guided his thoughts and actions. This is what Russia wants from the Trump presidency:

“The Russian intelligence metanarrative they would be tasked to push would be simple–convince Trump to believe that he already believed that:

  1. NATO strangling Russia with military bases and aggressively encroaching on its borders.
  2. Russia was a new, rich, glorious empire with a strong fearless leader whose personal relationship could help Trump join the global elite oligarchy where borders mean nothing–only money matters.
  3. The European union, with its immigrant Muslim hordes, was finished–help start a new white ethno-nationalist conservative alliance worldwide with Moscow’s help.”

Trump must go


Chicago shooting

In Chicago, the police fatally shot a man because he had a bulge around his waist that might have been a gun. Therefore, it is now potentially fatal in Chicago to have a midriff bulge if you are black.

Trump must go


Dictators value loyalty above everything else. Trump asked James Comey for loyalty and Comey refused. Then Trump fired him. Vladimir Putin values loyalty above everything else. He will never extradite the 12 indicted Russian intelligence officers as long as they remain loyal to him. If they do not remain loyal and attempt to cooperate with the Mueller investigation, he will have them killed.

Trump must go

It is not a crime

It is not a crime, according to Republicans, for Russians to hack Democratic emails. It is not a crime, according to Republicans, to conspire with Russians to elect a Republican. It is not a crime, according to Republicans, to deny the vote to Democrats. It is a crime, according to Republicans, to elect Democrats or to allow a legally elected Democratic president to nominate a member of the US Supreme Court.

Trump must go