Henry Ford

The Flivver King, A Story of Ford-America by Upton Sinclair published in 1937. The story of Henry Ford and the invention of mass-produced automobiles in the United States. It chronicles Henry Ford’s evolution from a benevolent employer to the most-hated man in America.

“‘All that is needed is money, Mr. Ford; money for silver shirts and black hoods, money for boots to march in and for flags to wave; for brass knucks and revolvers and machine-guns and armored cars and gas-bombs; for propaganda leaflets, anti-Jewish newspapers, Brown Houses and Ford radio hours. Anyone who has money nowadays can make the people believe anything; and if you give us enough, we will build a political party and elect one of our agents President of the United States. Give us one percent of your fortune, Mr. Ford, and we will make America safe for the other ninety-nine percent!'”


John Kelly And A Military Coup in America — CAFFEINATED POLITICS

A most compelling read. Consider this nightmare scenario: a military coup. You don’t have to strain your imagination—all you have to do is watch Thursday’s White House press briefing, in which the chief of staff, John Kelly, defended President Trump’s phone call to a military widow, Myeshia Johnson. The press briefing could serve as a preview of […]

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