Time waster

Time waster
Lime taster
Water shower
Flower bower
Girl power
Cowards cower
Republicans lie
Democrats shie
From calling them out
Media equivocates
Rome burns
Trump fiddles
America suffers

Trump must go


Rupert Murdoch’s philosophy

From The Elements of Journalism, What Newspeople Should Know and the Public Should Expect by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel published in 2014.

“When his company won television rights for Singapore, media baron Rupert Murdoch praised the country for being undemocratic:

“Singapore is not liberal, but it’s clean and free of drug addicts. Not so long ago it was an impoverished, exploited colony with famines, diseases, and other problems. Now people find themselves in three-room apartments with jobs and clean streets. Material incentives create business and the free market economy. If politicians try it the other way around with democracy, the Russian model is the result. Ninety percent of the Chinese are interested more in a better material life than in the right to vote.

“Never before had a modern publisher advocated capitalism without democracy in this way. Yet, following Murdoch’s pronouncement, other examples would follow of ownership that subordinated journalism to other commercial interests.”

Trump must go

Electric bill

Since our Social Security check has risen so little in recent years, my wife and I have reviewed our budget with the view of minimizing all expenditures. Our electric bill averages about $120.00/month and little can be done to reduce it. A solar power installation in Utah seems like a good idea, but the payoff period exceeds our probable lifetimes. Since we moved here in 2003, I estimate our electric bill has increased about 10% and I am happy with that. Our most recent bill was $175.00 which included our Christmas lighting. In summer, our use of air conditioning pushed the bill to a peak of $260.00, while in spring and fall, our bills drop to the range of $60.00 to $75.00.

Trump must go

Fake news part 3

Donald Trump announced his fake news awards recently and FOX News won not a one when FOX deserved to sweep them all. What happened? Trump and FOX are the source, along with the Republican Party, of all the fake news (lies) that are current in today’s media. If there is a government shutdown later in the day, please remember who are the liars when the GOP and Trump attempt to blame Democrats. IMHO, Republicans have lost all credibility.

Trump must go