Sanders and Shah to depart

According to leaked intelligence, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Raj Shah will be exiting the White House by year-end. Lacking all credibility, they will be lucky to find employment outside the GOP bubble.

Trump must go


3 Californias

In November, California voters will vote on splitting the state into three states. In my opinion, it is an effort to increase the Republican vote and gerrymander a state for partisan purposes. The GOP gerrymander Congressional districts and now they seek to expand gerrymandering to the state level. It will never pass.

Carving new states out of old states would not stop with California if the GOP are successful. Cook County could be separated from Illinois and New York City from New York State. Even here in Utah, Democratic Salt Lake City could make a case for separation from the heavily Republican remainder of the state.

Trump must go

Most illegals came legally to US

According to a Republican immigration hawk, 2/3 of aliens here illegally came to the US legally. They overstayed their visas and became illegal residents. The border wall does not address that problem and will never be built. The Trump fixation on a border wall is just a marketing measure to win votes and support.

Trump must go

Making a list part 3

This is a list of reliable sources in the age of Trump. Please note that FOX News is represented only by Shepard Smith and no one in the Trump administration made the list, nor did any GOP member of Congress.

  1. Christiane Amanpour
  2. Charles M. Blow
  3. Joy-Ann Reid
  4. Rachel Maddow
  5. Lawrence O’Donnell
  6. Shepard Smith
  7. Chris Hayes
  8. Eugene Robinson
  9. Paul Krugman
  10. Chris Cuomo
  11. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
  12. Michael Moore
  13. Dan Rather
  14. Ari Melber
  15. Keith Olbermann
  16. Chris Hedges
  17. Meryl Streep
  18. Jon Stewart
  19. Scott Pelley
  20. Michael Isikoff
  21. Naomi Klein
  22. William Rivers Pitt
  23. Greg Palast
  24. Ali Velshi
  25. Katy Tur
  26. Seymour Hersh
  27. Steve Schmidt
  28. Krystal Ball
  29. Michael Eric Dyson
  30. Bruce Bartlett
  31. Bob Massi
  32. Andrew Napolitano
  33. Matt Taibbi
  34. Charles Pierce
  35. Henry Giroux
  36. Juan Cole

Trump must go