Congress has just passed a military spending bill for the next fiscal year of $700+ billion. I propose a moratorium on military spending on all wars, present and future, of one year’s duration so that the damage in Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands caused by recent hurricanes can be repaired using those funds and returned military personnel. After one year if repairs are complete, Congress must then re-authorize all current and future wars on a case by case basis.


Sticks and stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But names will never hurt me.

Speaking at the UN, Donald “Nukem Don” Trump threatened to destroy Kim “Rocketman” Jong-un and all of North Korea. Rather than start a war that could destroy all of Korea  and the surrounding area, if not the world, I suggest that the dispute between North Korea and the US be settled on a remote Pacific island by single combat between Nukem Don and Rocketman. Let them fight with clubs and rocks with the fight televised using remote cameras and drones. There would be one nuclear device on the island that they would be fighting for control of. If either man were losing and decided to detonate the device, he would be declared the winner. Of course, neither man would survive the blast, but the rest of us would.

A nuclear war in Korea would probably become a wider war. It would produce a nuclear winter that would slow global warming but not stop it. It is doubtful that civilization would survive a nuclear war and the global winter that would follow.