Hispanic vote

The Hispanic vote varies in composition from state to state. The Hispanic vote in New York is mainly Puerto Rican while in Florida it is mainly Cuban. When the term Hispanic vote is used, it is usually thought to mean Mexican. Donald Trump has promised a wall on our southern border to keep all those undocumented (Mexican) people out. If Trump cites polls showing Hispanic support, he is talking about Florida where the Hispanic (Cuban) population is more conservative than Hispanics in general. One way to think of it is the conservatives in Cuba have emigrated to the US, while the liberals have stayed in Cuba.

Trump wants a wall on our southern border, but he has not and will not propose a wall around Florida to keep out the undocumented. The fact that a wall around Florida would help prevent flooding from a rising ocean is another reason that the GOP would not support a wall there. The GOP don’t believe that the oceans are rising and would do nothing to prevent it if they did.

Trump’s base

Donald Trump was nominated by a very small number of voters. He won about 1/3 of the GOP primary and caucus voters, and the GOP are about 1/3 of the national electorate. 1/3 times/1/3 equals 1/9 or about 11% of the nation’s voters. However, most Republicans didn’t vote in the primaries and caucuses. That means that Trump was nominated by 1/3 times 1/3 times 1/3 equals 1/27 or about 4% of the national electorate. And of course he is now polling higher than 4% because the other 96% must vote for someone or not vote at all. When the media tell us that he is reaching out to expand his base, please remember that his base was only 4%.

Adios, America

Adios, America by Ann Coulter published in 2015. Coulter opposes all immigration, legal or illegal, because it is turning America into a racially mixed country. She wants America to be a country for European whites as it was originally. That is why she supports Donald Trump and his call for a wall on our southern border. I don’t recommend this book.

Big lie

Where is Candy Crowley when you need her? After pointing out one of Mitt Romney’s lies, she has vanished from the tube. Most of today’s on-air reporters just repeat whatever lies are Donald Trump’s topic of the day. Instead of warning viewers that Trump’s statements are unverified or just plain wrong, viewers are subjected to lie after lie. Eventually some of those lies are accepted as true or possibly true. The technique is known as the big lie and it has proven to be effective propaganda.