Last night in his speech on Afghanistan, Donald Trump sounded almost presidential. However, what he said was incorrect. The US should withdraw from Afghanistan, not send more troops. In addition, he intends to get tough with Pakistan and invite greater Indian participation in Afghanistan. Pakistan regards India as its number one enemy, and Pakistan wants a friendly or neutral Afghanistan in its rear as it faces India. Pakistan will feel surrounded by its enemy India if India is more involved in Afghanistan and if the US allies itself with India against Pakistan.

This policy is likely to encourage more cooperation between Pakistan and North Korea, both nuclear powers with ties to China. Instead of a confrontation with only North Korea, the US is likely to be faced with confrontations with both Pakistan and North Korea. Not smart.

Little boy Trump

Little boy Trump
Come blow your horn
The sheep’s in the meadow
The cow’s in the corn
The goats are in the sheep
Can’t tell them apart
The pigs are in the pen
The chickens are in the coop
The Russians are under the bed
In the Lincoln bedroom
The Chinese are making a fool of you
Where is little boy Trump?
Asleep in the hay in the barn
Behind the White House
While visions of Kim Jong-un
Danced in his head
Awake little boy Trump
Come blow your horn
What kind of horn is it?
It’s a Trump-et of course.