Right message, wrong messenger

I recently saw a Democratic strategist give the following analysis of the Trump phenomenon and I think that it is right on. Trump’s message is welcomed by many adversely affected by the Great Recession and our corrupt tax laws, but Trump is the wrong messenger. Only parts of Trump’s message are correct and welcome; let’s leave out the wall and the Muslim ban. That is why some support Trump and some loath him. That would make the title of this piece, right message, wrong message, wrong messenger.

ISIS in Iraq

The Iraqi army is about to attempt the liberation of Mosul, Iraq, from ISIS. Is ISIS any different now that it was previously when it was labeled the Sunni insurgency or a few dead-enders by Donald Trump when he was Secretary of Defense? The name of the opposition to the government of Iraq changes over time, but I suspect that the composition of the opposition and the reasons for fighting remain the same. The Shia government of Iraq continues to oppress the Sunni minority who ruled Iraq under Saddam Hussein.