Nomadland, Surviving America in the Twenty-first Century by Jessica Bruder published in 2017. During a time of rising rents and stagnating wages, some low-wage earners are choosing to live in cars, RVs or trailers as they migrate from job to job.

“The most widely accepted measure for calculating income inequality is a century-old formula called the Gini coefficient. It’s a gold standard for economists around the globe, along with the World Bank, the CIA, and the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. What it reveals is startling. Today the United States has the most unequal society of all developed nations. America’s level of inequality is comparable to that of Russia, China, Argentina, and the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“And as bad as the situation is now, it’s likely to get worse. That makes me wonder: What further contortions–or even mutations–of the social order will appear in years to come? How many people will get crushed by the system? How many will find a way to escape it?”

Trump’s goal is to make the US number one in income inequality. That is the reasoning behind the GOP’s latest plan of tax reduction.

Trump must go


Economic ignorance

In 1980, when he claimed that Reagan’s supply side economics was voodoo economics, George HW Bush was correct. In 1992, when he claimed that NAFTA would cost American jobs, Ross Perot was correct. However, in both cases, Bush and Perot were ridiculed by the media and their positions were defeated. Now many years later, those of us with eyes can see that they were correct, and we can see that the Republicans are again trying to impose their version of trickle down economics in the latest tax cuts. Both the media and the school system in the US are at fault for the low-level of economic education of the American voter.

Trump must go

Republicans’ worst nightmare

In November 2018, the Democrats win large majorities in both the House and US Senate. Both Donald Trump and Mike Pence jointly are impeached and removed from office. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi becomes President and then selects Hillary Clinton as her Vice President. Then Pelosi resigns and Hillary rightfully becomes President two years after being elected by a majority in November 2016.

Trump must go