To defeat Donald Trump

It is a waste of time to criticize Donald Trump’s policy positions because they change so frequently. It is also a waste of time pointing out his lies because he lies 24/7. I believe that he can be defeated only with a two-pronged negative campaign.

Prong one is ridicule. He is so thin-skinned that ridicule will make him angry and in anger, he will make mistakes.

Prong two is to denigrate his accomplishments, few that they are. His supporters support him because they believe that he can get things done. Once it becomes apparent that he has done little or nothing besides accumulate money for himself, his support will start to fade.

The campaign will be ugly, but necessary. In saving the world from Trumpism, the ends do justify the means. Hillary Clinton is not a perfect candidate, but in politics it is often necessary to compromise for less than you desire. Compromise is what makes democracy possible. It is the lack of willingness to compromise by the GOP that is making our system fail.  Democrats should not follow the example being set by the GOP.