Mike Huckabee part 3

It’s getting bad when every time I turn on FOX News, I see Mike Huckabee telling lies. When I read his book Character Makes a Difference, I thought that he was a decent human being, even though I disagreed with him on some things. I no longer hold that opinion.

Mike Huckabee
Hike Muckabee
Hike Muckabout
And his daughter
Sarah Liesalot Sanders

Trump must go


Recent GOP tax cuts

The recent GOP tax cuts were supposed to stimulate the economy. They did not. Rather companies used the proceeds to buy back stock, increasing stockholder wealth and executive bonuses. To stimulate the economy, the tax cuts should have gone to the poor and the middle class, so that demand for goods and services increased. That is how to stimulate the economy for the good of the majority of US citizens.

Trump must go


Omarosa has a new book out Tuesday critical of Donald Trump, so of course, the White House is busy trying to discredit her. According to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a good Christian woman according to her father, Omarosa was fired three times on the Apprentice and once from the White House. If firing from the Apprentice is reason to discredit her, why was she hired for the White House in the first place?

My local library will have the book, and I am number three on the wait list. I will report on my findings after I have read the book. Neither Trump nor Omarosa is a credible source, but I will trust her more than I do Trump.

Trump must go