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This cartoon is about Saudi money to ISIS, aka Daesh, in Syria and Iraq. By Bill Van Auken in the USA: Trump’s speech in Riyadh signals US escalation against Iran 22 May 2017 Riddled with hypocrisy, clichés and absurdities, President Donald Trump’s speech Sunday before an assembly of monarchs and despots in Saudi Arabia spelled […]

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I believe that many of them are deeply conflicted. That in the leather chairs of Capitol Hill at the end of each of these long Spring days, there is no shortage of Republican legislators sitting alone in their offices or committee rooms, drinking scotch, and cogitating on their futures. I suspect that there may be a […]

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Two Steves

The two Steves of the Trump administration are Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller. Steve Bannon is the better known, but Miller is Trump’s speech writer so his words are the words that Trump utters when he is reading a teleprompter. Trump and Miller may think the speeches are great, but the world tends to find them weird. Miller was a Democrat until in his teens he read Guns, Crime, and Freedom by Wayne LaPierre of the NRA. Then he became a conservative activist.

After graduating from college, he was press spokesman for Michele Bachmann. Later he became communications director for Jeff Sessions, who is now US Attorney General. Now he works for Trump. One could say his career is in a downwards spiral, from Bachmann to Trump.

War is peace

Donald Trump is speaking now and the room seems asleep in Saudi Arabia. He is urging Sunni Muslims to stop funding terrorists yet in the same breath he accuses Iran to be the largest sponsor of terrorism.  He forgets that one person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter. War is not peace. Only peace and love of one’s neighbor is peace. Selling more weapons into the Middle East only guarantees more war as those weapons will be used.

Please see Wider war

Throne room

Reportedly Donald Trump is so impressed with the king’s throne room in Saudi Arabia that he wants to install one on the South Lawn of the White House. Of course, he won’t dare call it a throne room. Perhaps it will be a ball room or a reception area at first. But it will serve the dual purpose of being Trump’s throne room. Watch for the appearance of a fancy chair on a raised platform.