Lie, cheat, steal

The Republican election strategy in 2016 had three parts: lie, cheat, and steal. The recent revelations about Cambridge Analytica using data from Facebook are only part of the cheat story. Last night, Tucker Carlson justified the GOP actions by claiming that Barack Obama and the Democrats did it first. Each party seeks to maximize its voter turnout, while minimizing that of the opposition, and data mining is part of the process. It is a legal part of modern electioneering. The difference between the parties is how they go about using the data after they have it. Democrats are the party of honesty, mostly, while the GOP are the party of dirty tricks, à la Roger Stone. Did the GOP collaborate with Russia? Probably. I trust Robert Mueller to uncover the dirty laundry so that it can be washed in public.

Trump must go


Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart is our representative in the US House of Representatives. He recently said that Russian efforts to hurt Hillary Clinton weren’t necessarily designed to help Donald Trump. Possibly true, but farfetched. In November when I vote for his opponent, it will be to elect his opponent, not to defeat Stewart.

Trump must go

I believe

I believe that we will survive Trumpism and that we will be a better country afterward. Susan Sarandon told an interviewer that the election of Trump would speed up the revolution and he was horrified. However, I think that she was right. After Trump, the GOP will be reduced to minority status for a generation, if the party survives at all.

Trump must go

Naming rights

To reduce the deficit and balance the budget without new taxes, I expect that Donald Trump and the Republicans will start to sell naming rights on Washington landmarks. Expect to see the Washington Mutual Monument, the White Castle House and the Capital Bank Capitol. Why stop with Washington? In San Francisco, we could see the Golden West Gate. Our national parks could also start bearing corporate logos, Apple Yosemite, Microsoft Grand Canyon, and an undertaker’s name funeral home Death Valley.

Events, too, will start to bear corporate logos. The Goldman Sachs Great Recession 2, and wars of liberation such as the Halliburton War in Iraq and the Koch Industries War with Iran. Give them the idea and just watch the GOP run with it. They’ll balance the budget in no time.

Trump must go

Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us is going into liquidation. My family spent many happy hours there with our son who was enthralled with Nintendo games and led to his current career in computer programming of games. We will miss Toys “R” Us and the store located near my son’s current home in Ventura, California. I do not know the exact details that caused this sorry state of affairs, but I do know their general outline. Toys “R” Us was manipulated by Wall Street into a leveraged buyout that left the company struggling with debt. For the benefit of a few, a company with thousands of employees was placed in jeopardy. And now we see the results; thousands will lose their jobs. Interesting supplemental material.

Trump must go