Act of God

Events can be divided into two categories, acts of God and acts of man. If we know why an event happened, it is an act of man and can be explained and be prevented in the future. Events we can’t explain are acts of Mother Nature or God and neither be predicted nor prevented.

Acts of terror are acts of man. No one thinks that they are acts of nature or of God. Therefore when an act of terror occurs, we should be seeking to understand why. Then and only then can we seek to prevent future acts of terror. Logically, we cannot kill all future terrorists before they kill. Understanding why terrorists act is the first step to reducing or preventing terrorist acts.

New Lexus

I’m a big fan of the new Lexus LC 500, but we all need to remember that it’s not a high performance F model, at least not yet. This is the best review I’ve seen yet. Also, it weighs a hell of a lot more than I expected, almost 4,400 lbs. I hope they find […]

via Motor Trend’s very honest look at the new Lexus LC500 — Mind Over Motor

Bread and circuses part 2

Imagine Donald Trump as a Roman emperor. His latest budget reduces bread and circuses and devotes more of the budget to the legions. How would that be acceptable to the people of the empire? No more food stamps and the arenas closed. For entertainment, the people would be forced to rely on the emperor’s words and actions as they slowly starved. No Obamacare because the patrician class, the Roman 1%, would not pay their fair share of taxes.