Vote fraud part 6

Republicans are all against voter fraud, except when it helps their candidate win or when they are the ones committing the voter suppression. They also ignore interference in the voting process from foreign governments when it helps them win. The GOP is very selective when it comes to opposing vote fraud.

Trump must go


Lines and felines

There are lines
And there are felines
Don’t mix them
Or get them crossed
An aggressive male
Is a felion
You can lead a cat to water
But you can’t make her drink
That’s a horse
No, horses are bigger.

Trump must go

North Korea summit cancelled

Today Donald Trump cancelled the Singapore summit with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea scheduled for June. I hope that North and South Korea will continue talks. My concern is that we are now entering the short season of prime war-making weather in Korea. If the US attacks North Korea, we will rely on air power which is severely restricted by bad weather during fall and winter months. With John Bolton’s advice ringing in his ears, Trump may order an attack, hoping to limit a North Korean response. If he does that, US and South Korean forces on the ground will pay a very heavy price when the North Korean Army invades South Korea.

Trump must go