Lots of food suppliers are advertising on TV and the net and the pictures look delicious. Most are not. I have tried half a dozen and been disappointed. Finally I answered an ad for Schwan’s. I am on my third order and have yet to be disappointed. Their prices are reasonable, delivery charges small or nonexistent and the food is good. If you have room in your freezer, I suggest that you give them a try at They started in the 1950s in Minnesota as an ice cream vendor and have grown into the nation’s largest supplier of food delivered to your home.

Trump must go


Jeff Flake

Conscience of a Conservative, A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle by Jeff Flake published in 2017. Jeff Flake is an old-style Republican, an honest man. He is more conservative than I am, but I could support him for vice president under Mike Pence when Trump is finally removed from office. Flake and Pence became friends when they were both members of the US House of Representatives. My preference for vice president would be Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, but that is unlikely. I prefer Jeff Flake over some Republican hack.

Wrong Side Of History — Regaining the Center

It is difficult to imagine an Administration which has gotten so many obvious situations incorrectly. President Trump and those he has appointed to various Cabinet posts appear set on choosing the positions both factually wrong and on the wrong side of history. But for a “showman”, there is only the showman’s position that counts. The […]

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