Rubio and Juliet

O Rubio, Rubio, wherefore art thou, Rubio? Question from TEA Party activist Juliet to Marco Rubio due to his shifting positions on the issues. Mitt and others also shift their positions as public opinion shifts, but Mitt is so much more practiced at it than Marco. I admire consistency, even when it’s wrong, such as Mike Huckabee.

I watched the movie Wind again recently, starring Jennifer Grey and Matthew Modine, about sailboat racing and the America’s Cup. Winning is much about skillfully tacking back and forth to catch the wind and deny it to your opponents. Catching the wind of public opinion is a skill practiced too much by our politicians. Tacking to the wind is something that belongs in sailing and not in politics.

Excellent movie and I recommend it highly.

Deja vu

Déjà vu from the French meaning already seen or experienced. We humans experience three dimensions with our senses and label time passing as a fourth dimension. Actually what we experience as time is the interaction of three temporal dimensions. As those dimensions interact and sometimes fluctuate, we sometimes see what will happen and we label that experience déjà vu.

Because our human senses are limited to three dimensions and there are actually 10 or 11 dimensions in our universe, we are limited in what we can directly experience. The existence of the other dimensions can be demonstrated mathematically, but the math is beyond my comprehension. I am comforted by the knowledge that some people understand the true nature of the universe and can explain it. The best explanation that I have found so far is contained in the science fiction book Galileo’s Dream by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Robinson is a favorite author who writes science fiction that is heavy on the science. I recently re-read his book, Antarctica, published in 1997, which explores the southern continent and talks of the effects of global warming there and worldwide. For more of his work explaining climate change, please click on the first link below.

Galileo’s Dream is about time travel and how it might have effected Galileo’s discoveries. Another good book about Galileo, the first great scientist, is Galileo’s Daughter by Dava Sobel, which I highly recommend also.

Please see  Climate change part 2 | Kim Stanley Robinson

Joni Ernst part 2

I watched a portion of Joni Ernst’s response to the President’s State of the Union speech. When she called the Keystone XL Pipeline bill the Keystone jobs bill, I turned off the TV. The Keystone XL Pipeline after construction will provide about 50 permanent American jobs. That is far fewer than the number of GOP Congressional seats it is designed to preserve. When I want a whopper, I will go to Burger King, not listen to Joni. I am currently boycotting Burger King because they moved their headquarters on paper to Canada to avoid US taxes.