Dixon, Illinois

Dixon, Illinois is a small town, population about 16,000, in north central Illinois with at least two favorite sons, Ronald Reagan and Charles Walgreen, the founder of Walgreens drug stores. Dixon is also the site where Abraham Lincoln joined the militia to fight in the Black Hawk War.

Walgreen is in the news now as it considers relocating in Switzerland to avoid some US taxes. What would Ronald Reagan or Abraham Lincoln think of an US company deserting the US to avoid paying its fair share of taxes? And will Wal-Mart be next so that it can remain competitive?

If you watch TV, you may have recently seen ads for New York state in which tax-free zones are touted for new businesses. Seems like a good idea until you realize that their competitors must still pay taxes and are put at a competitive disadvantage. Someone must pay for government services or we must do without. It seems to me that everyone who can should share the burden as well as reap the benefits of government.

Please see Illinois

True colors

In this fall’s election, the GOP will be revealing their true colors as they appeal to their base. They will try to hide those true colors in 2016 as they try to appeal to a wider electorate. What are their true colors?

White for angry old white men.

Black for coal, oil, pollution and evil.

Not rainbow for gays.

Red for war.

Green, not for renewables, but for money.

The two primary GOP colors are red and green, when seen together symbolize Christmas to most viewers. The Republican Party is not the party of Christmas, rather the opposite, despite their defense of Christmas in the phony war on Christmas.

Black and white are the secondary GOP colors symbolizing the black and white world they see with no shades of gray.

Biggest tax increase ever

Bill O’Reilly contends that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is the biggest tax increase ever. I sincerely doubt that is correct, unless it is measured in absolute dollars uncorrected for inflation and population size. Assuming that O’Reilly is correct in his limited definition of the Obamacare taxes, and the Right claims that all tax increases are bad as well as all taxes, is Obamacare a wise investment? I say it is. It is better for you and me, we as a nation, to live in a country where are fellow citizens are healthy and productive. That also means educating everyone up to their full potential so each and every one of us can contribute fully to our country and live up to our full potential.

Miss Information

Every September, FOX News sponsors a Miss Information beauty and talent competition to pick a new Miss Information. Female contestants compete in a beauty pageant in red dresses and red swimsuits and a talent competition consisting of ten questions on current events. Points are awarded for correct answers that blame President Obama and extra credit is awarded for creating a new phony scandal. If the winner does not already work for FOX, she is immediately offered an employment contract. The pageant should really be named Miss Mis-information.