Patriotic Christians

If Republicans were the patriotic Christians they claim to be, how would America be different in 2015?

First of all, they would have decided in 2009 to work with President Obama, rather than oppose him every step of the way. Compromise would be an accepted practice. They would put country ahead of party and personal gain. Infrastructure would be in good shape and sensible gun laws would have been enacted. They would abandon the Southern strategy of appealing to racial divisions. The George Zimmermans of the world would lose their gun rights and be told to take their votes elsewhere. Everyone could vote and we would embrace the poor and disadvantaged rather than scapegoating them. That is the US we would be living in today if the GOP were the patriotic Christians they claim to be, but they are not.

Religious fundamentalism

There are at least three kinds of religious fundamentalists loose in the world at this time: Christian, Jewish and Muslim. What they have in common is a lack of tolerance for other views. Christian fundamentalists in the US want to impose their version of the Bible on the rest of us, witness Mike Huckabee as an example. Muslim fundamentalists in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere consider Shiites as heretics who they are commanded to kill. Jewish fundamentalists in Israel also seek to impose their version of their religion on other Jews. Extremists of any faith present a problem for the rest of us. It is a problem we must first acknowledge if we are going to find solutions.

Why the rage?

Why is there such a rage against immigrants, legal or otherwise? It is because the economy for many is just limping along, hardly recovered at all from the Great Recession. The GOP and Wall Street caused the Great Recession, and the GOP in Congress and elsewhere are the reason the economy has not had a stronger recovery. The GOP are holding the economy hostage until they are returned to the White House. They caused it and they are prolonging it. One side effect is the rage of the GOP base against immigrants who are seen as competitors for jobs in the US.