My 2016 prediction

In the presidential contest in 2016, I predict the Democrats will nominate an all female slate of Elizabeth Warren, US Senator from Massachusetts, for president and Wendy Davis, newly elected Governor of Texas, as her running mate. The GOP will nominate Ted Cruz of Texas as their standard-bearer and Mike Lee of Utah for vice president. Both are currently US Senators. The Democrats will win a landslide victory, carrying 49 states and the District of Columbia. The Republicans will carry only Mike Lee’s home state of Utah.

Forecasting this far in advance of an election is tricky business. When I forecasted the 2008 election in mid-2006, I forecasted a contest between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani. I was doubly wrong. That was before I decided to support Barack Obama.

“The Constitutional Excuse For Subverting Democracy”: Just Another Conservative Heads-We-Win-Tails-You-Lose Proposition

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To anyone puzzled or confused about the preferred Tea Party self-identification buzzword “constitutional conservative,” George Will has done a fine job in his latest column spelling it all out, by way of touting a new book by Timothy Sandefur of the Pacific Legal Foundation. Progressives believe the Constitution provides a process that facilitates democracy. Conservatives understand that it’s a safeguard against the limitation of “natural” rights by democratic majorities.

This sounds reasonable if you accept the rather cartoonish idea that progressives do not acknowledge any limitations on popular majorities, or that the two sides mean roughly the same thing when they talk about individual rights. Here Will is not as forthcoming as he might have been, but his extensive discussion of the alleged incorporation of the Declaration of Independence into the Constitution–an invariable touchstone for Constitutional Conservatives–alludes to the common conservative belief that via the Declaration certain divinely granted or…

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Elephants graveyard

Elephants graveyard, where old elephants go to die and is a rich source of ivory was a fable, like the fountain of youth or the legend about the Eldorado of gold. In today’s world, there is FOX News were old phony scandals go to live, not to die. This morning on FOX, there was talk of Solyndra after a pitch for the Keystone XL pipeline.