Cuba in a nutshell

During the American Revolution, patriots remained in the US and loyalists to George 3 fled to Canada or Great Britain. During the Cuban Revolution, patriots remained in Cuba and loyalists to Bautista fled to the US. There were exceptions of course, but in general the people remaining in Cuba were poor, black and exploited. The Cubans who fled to the US were middle and upper class, white and the exploiters.

During and after the American Revolution, we received aid from France. After the Cuban Revolution, Cuba sought our assistance. We denied help and THEN Cuba sought assistance from the Soviet Union. The missile crisis and subsequent embargo for 50 years did not need to happen. The US owners of Cuban property expropriated by Castro pressured our government not to deal with Castro.

Freedom of religion, part 2

Freedom of religion is not freedom for the majority to impose their religious views on the minority; it is freedom for everyone to practice his/her own religion as long as others are not harmed. Christians claim that the US is a majority Christian nation and that appears to be true. However, in a democracy we select our political leaders by majority vote, but we select our religious leaders by individual conscience. To those who want to discriminate against gays, Muslims, the poor or others, if you are Christian, I ask you to practice ALL the tenets of your religion, not just some of them. Love your neighbors, ALL of them, be generous to those less fortunate.

“Sic semper tyrannis”

“Thus always to tyrants” shouted by John Wilkes Booth when he shot President Lincoln 150 years ago today. Words have consequences. On April 11 of this year on Facebook, Mia Love implied that President Obama is a dictator. Others have said worse things about him and just as untrue as Love’s statement. I worry that some ignorant person with a gun will try to act upon those words that are uttered so thoughtlessly by Obama opponents. Then those who are saying these things will deny any responsibility. It is time to stop and think before issuing inflammatory lies.