Scott Walker

Unintimidated, A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge by Scott Walker with Marc Thiessen is a campaign biography for 2016. This is a book I hoped that it would not be necessary to read. I had hoped that Mary Burke would defeat Scott Walker, thereby making it unlikely that he would be a GOP contender in 2016. Unfortunately, Walker was re-elected. The book is neither fair nor balanced. Rather it is Walker’s two-handed effort at self-congratulation, one hand patting himself on the back and the other wielding a baseball bat to bash unions.

I was also hoping for a more informative book, but this is not it. I have ordered another book from Amazon which I hope will be more informative and have better balance. I will report on it at a later date.

Rationality instead of rhetoric

In 2016, wouldn’t it be nice to have a return to rationality in presidential politics in place of rhetoric? The GOP has one possible nominee, former Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., who stands out from the rest of the crowd, and the Democrats could nominate either Elizabeth Warren or former Senator James H. Webb, Jr. or both. I would support either a Webb/Warren or a Warren/Webb ticket. However, the election of Huntsman would not be the disaster for the US that the rest of the GOP field represents.

Cuba si

Cuba yes

I think that it is time to end the embargo of Cuba. We have normalized our relations with the rest of the Communist and formerly Communist world, so why not Cuba? Most of those Cubans who opposed Castro now live in the US and most of the Cubans still living in Cuba support Castro.

I suggest a non-binding election supervised by the UN of all people of Cuban ancestry, both here in the US and in Cuba. The question on the ballot to be maintain the embargo as is or repeal the embargo and normalize relations. I think that the normalize relations oprtion would win and both countries would benefit from increased trade and tourism.