“If Money Is Speech And Speech Is Freedom…”: Those With Less Money Get Less Freedom, Less Speech, Less Representation

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If money is speech and speech is freedom, then it follows that those who have more money will have more freedom.

This includes the freedom to determine who gets to vote, the freedom to dictate how much workers are paid, and the freedom to impose their agenda regardless of public opinion.

It also follows that those with less money will have less freedom, less speech, and less representation.

These are the basic tautologies in logic that Conservatives refuse to address. By equating freedom with money, the Party That Loves Liberty and Freedom is actually reducing the liberty and freedom of the vast majority of Americans. Yet when the majority of Senators tried to correct this problem, obstructionist Senate Republicans killed the proposal with a filibuster. Conservatives accused the Democrats who supported the proposal of trying “to radically shrink First Amendment protection of political speech.”

Constitutional guarantees of free speech, it…

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John McCain, half right

Over the years, John McCain has advocated bombing countries in Asia representing about half the total land mass of the entire continent. Given his way, Asia would be a much smaller continent, at least in area fit for human habitation. John McCain was half right, the half of the continent that he did not want to bomb, at least so far.

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John Yoo

Crisis and Command, The History of Executive Power from George Washington to George W. Bush by John Yoo. Yes, that John Yoo who authored a legal brief supporting the use of enhanced interrogation during the Bush administration’s war on terror. The purpose of this book is to analyze the use of presidential power during the administrations of important presidents in our history. Yoo also makes the case that G. W. Bush was a better president than his critics admit, and Yoo also defends the use of enhanced interrogation (torture) techniques. Yoo is now a professor of law at the University of California at Berkeley. The book is worth reading even if you disagree with Yoo.

The wealthy class say that low wage workers who want to be paid more are greedy

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Strange that in today’s world those on the margins of humanity are often blamed for the greed that infects the rich. Marginalized people aren’t greedy they’re hungry and afraid. Their sin is not having enough of anything. Their sin is not being able to feed their families or themselves. That’s not a sin but because of their situation we’re are told and many people believe the evils of the world and the sins of the marketplace are the fault of those have little.

Members of the elite class, the wealthy class say that low wage workers who want to be paid more are greedy and because they are greedy it is they who are the problem not those who have much, but those who have little and want just a tad more of the pie. And incredibly many people find that scenario to be to their liking and somehow believe…

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