Inversion is
Perversion of
The US tax code.
An accounting trick
That permits corporations
To remain in the US
And pay less taxes.
If they don’t pay
You and I will pay
Or do without.
I say that
They will pay
If my say
Is heeded by Congress.
Less than 2%
Of voter demands
Are heeded by
Our elected officials.
That must change.

If a corporation leaves the US physically, like Halliburton, or on paper like Burger King and others, they ought not be able to influence US elections by contributing money to any candidates or ballot measures. Foreign citizens are prohibited by law from contributing to US elections.

Whose privacy?

Privacy concerns delay the use of body cameras by the police. Whose privacy? Citizens have sacrificed privacy for safety when we fly, submitting to full body scans and searches. Thanks to the NSA, we have also sacrificed privacy in our use of telephones and the internet. Arrests are routinely published in some newspapers. Whose privacy are we protecting, that of the police?

Another Labor Day

Originally posted on okieprogressive:

As we approach another Labor Day we still have millions of workers who face the prospect of either paying their bills or feeding their families, because their wages are so low that they often can’t do both. 83 percent of all Americans now believe that the minimum wage should be raised and a number of states have already enacted laws that have raised the minimum wage in their states at least to $10.10. Some cities have actually raised the minimum wage to as high as $15.00 an hour and even a few corporations and companies have taken steps to increase the wages of their employees to a level that is at or above the federal standard of $10.10 per hour that President Obama has set with his executive order.

Those are positive steps in the right direction but there are still millions of workers not affected by those states, cities…

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The Saudi connection

The Saudi brand of fundamentalist Islam, Wahhabism, and Saudi money are the source of much of the world’s terrorism, at least the terrorism that threatens the US. Israel is concerned with terrorists of the Shia branch of Islam, sponsored and financed by Iran. The US is threatened by the Sunni branch of Islam which represents the majority of the Muslim faithful.

ISIS is a Sunni organization. The Taliban, translated students, were taught and trained in schools, madrassas, in Pakistan financed by Saudi Arabia. Al-Qaeda is a Sunni organization founded and led by a Saudi, bin Laden,until his death. 15 of the 19 9-11 hijackers were Saudi citizens.

Saudi Arabia is a small country with few citizens. Some of them are dissatisfied with the royal family and desire change. Rather than pick a fight with populous Iran which does not threaten us, we should be concentrating our efforts on bringing change to Saudi Arabia. I am not suggesting that we invade another Muslim country, but we should and must confront the source of much of the terrorism that threatens the US. Although some Saudis might welcome an US invasion as a liberating force, much of the Muslim world would oppose the US occupying the land containing the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina.