Fearless forecast-2016

The Democratic ticket will be Elizabeth Warren and Jim Webb. The Republicans will compromise on Mitt Romney and fellow Mormon and TEA Party Senator Mike Lee, Mitt and Mike, the M & Ms. The GOP will definitely carry Utah and perhaps a few other deeply red states. The Democrats will win with 400+ electoral votes and will carry both the House and Senate. The only question remaining in my mind is whether the Senate majority will be filibuster-proof.

“Our Democracy Is Dying”: For All Intents And Purposes, Our Government Is Merely The Handmaiden Of Corporations

Originally posted on mykeystrokes.com:

In case anybody hasn’t noticed, democracy in America is dying now. This isn’t an overstatement; it’s a fact. Corporate interests dominate our politics so much at this point that our government, for all intents and purposes, is merely its handmaiden. Whatever Wall Street wants, Wall Street gets. Corporatism is the new order of the day. One political party stands for it; the other political party won’t stand against it.

The word inertia means the tendency of an object to move in whatever direction its been moving until and unless there’s the introduction of a counterforce, and the Democratic Party is simply not providing the necessary counterforce to the corporatist agenda so exalted by the Republicans. Such a possibility is undermined by Democrats with corporatist agendas of their own. Watch them trying to sideline Elizabeth Warren as I write this. It’s all gotten so terribly predictable.

Some people are pussyfooting around…

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