Snow White, 7 dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of my favorite Disney cartoons. That is why I am so pleased that ABC, owned by Disney, has decided that Saturday’s Republican debate will be a live version of that Disney classic. The producers wanted Hillary Clinton for the lead, but she declined. Carly Fiorina also sought the part, but she was cast as the Evil Queen and then dropped out. So in instead of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the debate will feature the 7 dwarfs. Here is the cast:

Grumpy–Donald Trump

Dopey–Jeb Bush

Doc–Ben Carson

Bashful–Chris Christie

Happy–John Kasich

Sneezy–Ted Cruz

Sleepy–Marco Rubio

Impeachment part 2

In American history, only two presidents have been impeached (but not convicted), Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, both Democrats harassed by Republicans for political reasons. In my opinion, only one president deserved impeachment and conviction, Richard Nixon, and he resigned before he could be impeached. Talk about impeaching Barack Obama has died down on the blogosphere because his popularity is rising in the final year of his presidency. President Obama could be re-elected to a third term if the Constitution permitted. Instead the Republicans are spending their time and money trying to defeat Hillary Clinton. What an irony for them if they succeed and their candidate faces a Sanders/Clinton ticket in the fall.

“The Choice Is Between Two Theories Of Change”: The Questions At Stake In The Democratic Presidential Primary

Democrats are in the midst of a tough presidential primary and there are times when that battle puts out more heat than light. But Bryce Covert provides some much-needed perspective.

But the largest difference between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders is not over policy…There is scant daylight between them on most issues and certainly almost all of the causes near and dear to Democrats’ and progressives’ hearts.

If your reaction is to dismiss that as untrue, take a look at this:

Here is a partial list of the policies that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders largely agree on: The country should have paid family leave; the minimum wage should be substantially increased; college students shouldn’t have to take on so much debt; parents need more affordable, quality child care and preschool options; Wall Street needs further reforms; health care should be universal; the wealthy should pay substantially more in taxes…

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