If I had a hammer


When you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. To former bomber pilot John McCain, every foreign crisis looks a problem to be solved by bombing a small country as he did in Vietnam. Today he and Lindsey Graham advocated a tougher line against ISIS. ISIS is mainly Syria’s and Iraq’s problem, and the solution is political, not military. The US politicians who contend that ISIS is a grave threat to the US may be relying on threat assessment from the CIA, but the CIA has a very poor record of predicting foreign threats. The CIA is good at regime change, foreign and domestic, and acts as a private army for the President. We must abolish the CIA.

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Another Labor Day

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As we approach another Labor Day we still have millions of workers who face the prospect of either paying their bills or feeding their families, because their wages are so low that they often can’t do both. 83 percent of all Americans now believe that the minimum wage should be raised and a number of states have already enacted laws that have raised the minimum wage in their states at least to $10.10. Some cities have actually raised the minimum wage to as high as $15.00 an hour and even a few corporations and companies have taken steps to increase the wages of their employees to a level that is at or above the federal standard of $10.10 per hour that President Obama has set with his executive order.

Those are positive steps in the right direction but there are still millions of workers not affected by those states, cities…

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The book

I have read many of the books that are critical of President Obama, and they actually are just one book. The titles vary as do the authors’ names, but all the books are just a repetition of the same lies and misrepresentations, mis-statements of the facts or just plain fiction. Many claim to be New York Times best sellers, but those numbers represent sales in bulk to a few purchasers so that the books can be resold at little or no cost to the ultimate purchaser. Frequently the books are published by one or a few publishers who specialize in anti-Obama books. Yes, there are a lot of books critical of the President, written by a variety of authors. By the content, one could conclude that in fact all were written by one person or a small team of ghost writers.