Dead dictators

I would never compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Hitler was evil and Trump does not measure up to that standard. Trump’s evil is from ignorance. I’ll wager that even he is surprised at how long his candidacy has lasted. If I were comparing Trump to a dead dictator, I would compare him to Hitler’s junior partner, Benito Mussolini of Italy.


Reform is a dangerous trade. Throughout history and around the world, reformers die because those with entrenched power will do anything, ANYTHING, to retain power. The earliest reformers that I could find in history were the Gracchus brothers of early Rome, approximately 120 BCE. One was assassinated and the other committed suicide before he was about to be killed. Their crime was to take land from the rich and powerful and transfer it to the landless poor. The Kennedy brothers in the US, reformers both, were assassinated before their reforms could be implemented. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela died under suspicious circumstances and the CIA tried to kill Fidel Castro for decades and failed.

Here in the US, we supposedly have free speech, but unpopular speech and ideas are suppressed, often by violence. To read The Iron Heel by Jack London is to be exposed to a whole host and catalog of ways free speech is suppressed in the US. People were committed to mental hospitals if they did not toe the accepted line of thought. Most of us must work to eat and taking away one’s livelihood is a common method of suppression even today. It takes real courage to be a reformer. I am retired and my audience is small so I have little to fear. However, I do worry about Bernie Sanders’s safety if does win the nomination and then the presidency.

Saudi Arabia and terrorism

Saudi Arabia funds much of the world’s terrorists who profess the Sunni faith. In order to stop their support of terrorism, the West must either support regime change there or wean itself from dependence on Saudi oil. I support the second alternative as the non-violent solution to much of the world’s terrorist activity. Not only is green energy the solution to much of the terrorism problem, it is also a positive attack on climate change. A non-violent two-fer.

Fear and hate

After 9-11, Republicans relied on fear to advance their agenda, attack Iraq and re-elect GW Bush. After Obama was elected, they changed their tactic to hatred of the President. Fear and hate are powerful, human emotions that often outweigh reason. In Donald Trump, the GOP are combining both fear and hatred. It is a potent combination that may cause problems for the election of a Democrat in 2016.