Koch brothers’ agenda

The Koch brothers claim that they are spending huge sums of money in elections to save America. If that is the case, I applaud their efforts. According to Whores, Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment by Larry Klayman, the US is much more corrupt than I thought. The corruption is wider and deeper than I realized and includes all three branches of the Federal government, executive, legislative and judicial. The problem is money and its corrupting effects. In my opinion, the only solution is public financing of campaigns in order to eliminate campaign contributions from individuals and corporations entirely.

If the Kochs are spending large sums now so that they and others will not be able to influence future campaigns, I support their efforts. If they are spending large sums now so that they can continue to spend large sums in the future, I will oppose them.

I love Mia

In an email dated today at 5:02 pm, Mia Love requested a donation because a BYU poll shows her trailing by 4 points. I read the message around 5:25 pm. Then in the local news from Salt Lake City shortly after 6:oo pm, she was interviewed and stated that the polls showed her ahead. I love you, Mia Love. Not really and I doubt that the voters of your district do either.

$24 to $3

The Republicans keep asking for $24.00 in their emails while the Democrats are requesting only $3.00. Is that a reflection on the number of donors each party expects or is it the ratio of average incomes where Republicans have eight times the income of Democrats? I’m not sure about the answer to that question, but I do think that the Democrats will do well no matter how much or how little they seek in contributions.

A message from the NSA?

Cyber attacks on the White House on the rise with the latest attack lasting two weeks scream the headlines. Some in government want to increase our protection from cyber attacks at the expense of our internet privacy and freedoms. Could it be that some in government instigated the White House cyber attacks to increase support for increased government surveillance of US citizens? I am suspicious. In point of fact, the US is a leading perpertrator when it come to cyber attacks on other nations, particularly Iran.

Please see Edward Snowden was right