“This Is Why The Gun Nuts Win”: An Oregon Sheriff’s Nutty Conspiracy Theories Explains The GOP’s Impotence

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Mass shootings and gun-crazed conspiracy theorists: Our country is swimming in an abundance of both, so it was just a matter of time before the two collided, not on the shooter side of the equation but on the law enforcement side.

John Hanlin, the sheriff of Douglas County who has been in charge of the police response and investigation of Thursday’s shooting at Umpqua Community College, has fallen under media scrutiny because he’s left an eyebrow-raising trail of gun nuttery that shades into conspiracy theorist territory. His past behavior calls into question not just his own office’s ability to handle this case responsibly, but tells us a lot about why it’s so hard to even begin to have a reasonable conversation about guns in this country, much less move towards sensible policies to reduce gun violence.

Conservatives aren’t lying when they say they need guns to feel protected. But it’s increasingly clear that…

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Normally the purpose of a question is to get an answer. The purpose of a question on FOX or from the GOP Benghazi committee is to raise questions about Hillary Clinton. Neither FOX nor the Benghazi committee are interested in answers; rather they are going to raise one question after another after another with the sole purpose of continuing the questioning. Answers need not apply and are not welcome.

Corporate media

The highly concentrated corporate media in the US are destroying our democracy. They treat political contests as horse races, giving emphasis to meaningless poll numbers, at the same time they charge large and excessive amounts for advertising on TV. Most other industrialized countries restrict or prohibit paid political advertising on TV. Journalists occupy a special position in our democracy under the first amendment. They have the responsibility to inform the electorate so that voters can make intelligent choices. Our corporate media are failing in their responsibility to the American voter.


I expect the 2016 presidential race to be the most exciting race of my lifetime, and probably the most important. The Republicans have a mixed field of non-politicians and incompetent politicians. The media are treating them as a circus. In contrast, the Democratic field consists of competent politicians. When it comes time for serious debates between the parties, the GOP do not have a prayer. That is why I think that the GOP will turn to Mitt Romney in desperation. Mitt is not a winner, but he is a competent politician who can debate. The GOP will try to preserve themselves by nominating Mitt again. As a party loyalist, he will accept the nomination.