A Tale of 2 Marys

It is the best of times; it is the worst of times; it is four years since the TEA Party election of 2010. In Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, a career politician, is seeking re-election as governor and is likely to lose. In Wisconsin, Mary Burke, a political novice, is seeking to defeat Governor Scott Walker’s bid for re-election and is  likely to win. In both cases, the governors seeking re-election rode the TEA Party wave to election in 2010. While still influential in GOP politics, I believe (and hope) that the TEA Party wave has crested and is now in retreat.

Game of presidential politics

The GOP have a much wider bench of players, but none of their potential candidates are qualified to become president. The Democrats have a narrower bench, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren and Jim Webb to name a few, but their players are qualified for the office. So in 2016, it is likely to be quality versus quantity. My money will be on quality.

Paul Bremer

Paul Bremer recently appeared on FOX News to criticize President Obama’s handling of Iraq. In his book, My Year in Iraq, Bremer made it clear that he issued the order to disband the Iraqi army, a decision that is one of the root causes for the current Iraq mess. It is unclear in the book if he made the decision himself or if he were carrying out orders from above. In any case, both he and Dick Cheney should be hanging their heads in shame, rather than criticizing a President trying to deal with the situation that they created.