The wealthy class say that low wage workers who want to be paid more are greedy

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Strange that in today’s world those on the margins of humanity are often blamed for the greed that infects the rich. Marginalized people aren’t greedy they’re hungry and afraid. Their sin is not having enough of anything. Their sin is not being able to feed their families or themselves. That’s not a sin but because of their situation we’re are told and many people believe the evils of the world and the sins of the marketplace are the fault of those have little.

Members of the elite class, the wealthy class say that low wage workers who want to be paid more are greedy and because they are greedy it is they who are the problem not those who have much, but those who have little and want just a tad more of the pie. And incredibly many people find that scenario to be to their liking and somehow believe…

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Spanish civil war

Recently I have been reading about the Spanish civil war that brought Franco to power. I’ve often wondered who were the good guys, the fascists or the communists? We learned very little about it in school. Actually, it was the fascists versus the freely elected government of Spain, supported by Stalin and Mexico. Spain was desperate for help before WW2 and the Western allies, the US, France and Great Britain refused to help. Stalin wanted Spain to lose, but slowly, so that he had time to re-arm to face Hitler and Mussolini.

Who’s afraid of the GOP?

Some Democrats urge delay in President Obama’s revision of immigration policy. I say take the fight to the GOP. Their base is already energized and it is time to energize our base to vote. We can win in November only if like-minded voters actually cast ballots. If we allow the Republicans a majority in the Senate, we will regret it for the next two years.

Can or can’t

There are Republicans
And there are Republican’ts
How do you tell the difference?
Republican’ts work for FOX News.

Slavery in Cuba

Slavery in Cuba was abolished in 1886 by royal decree, 21 years after it ended in the US. Slaves in Cuba were black and worked mostly on the sugar plantations which were owned by whites of European descent. Apparently Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and his father Rafael Bienvenido Cruz was born in 1939 in Cuba and fought against Batista and for Castro in his youth. Castro came to power in 1959 when the older Cruz was age 19. From recent comments, both Cruzs, father and son, hold negative opinions of blacks.

Show us your birth certificate, Ted.