“Artificial Republican Unity On Immigration”: There’s No Reason For Progressives To Be Defensive About Obama’s Actions

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The grand irony of the president’s immigration action is that it was to a considerable extent the product of intra-Republican disunity on immigration policy–yet it will unite the GOP in real and fake outrage.

For all the yelling and screaming about “Emperor Obama,” his action was temporary and could be instantly revoked by a Republican president or superseded by legislation from a Republican Congress. But Republicans are in complete disarray on the subject, though there is a distinct trend towards “deport ‘em all” nativism (though not the will to provide the resources necessary to “deport ‘em all,” which would make actions like Obama’s impossible).

At present, though, the Establishment Republicans who privately view their nativist “base” as a bunch of destructive yahoos can join with said yahoos in an orgy of recrimination, mooting their agreement with the substance of what Obama is doing even as they pretend they believe the…

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No rules

Imagine an NFL game between two evenly matched teams and then imagine it again without the referees. One or both teams will cheat with no one there to call penalties. Then look at our politics with so much at stake and the media abdicating their responsibility to ensure that both sides don’t cheat on campaign financing and don’t stray too far from the facts. Then imagine our free market economy without government rules to protect consumers, the environment, and provide infrastructure. This is what the GOP and the 1% want. Does anyone believe that a free, competitive market will not be crowded with those who will cheat to take advantage of others? It takes the active enforcement of the law by the IRS, the FBI, the SEC and others to ensure that people don’t cheat.