California oil spill

A pipeline breaks and oil spills on Santa Barbara coast line. I lived in Santa Barbara during the much larger spill in 1969. The current spill is tragic but not unique. The Santa Barbara Channel offshore is a fracture zone with more or less constant leakage from the local oil deposits. An essential part of the beach experience there is a bottle of baby oil to remove tar deposits from one’s hands and feet. I used to frequent the parking lot near City Hall and I noticed that for years after the 1969 spill, the mayor and council members had reserved slots in the city lot adjacent to City Hall. It was my position then that if the residents of Santa Barbara were serious about less oil drilling offshore, the mayor and council members would have their names on reserved slots in a bicycle rack, not on spaces for cars.

Veterans Administration

In their latest efforts to downsize government, cut costs and eliminate waste, the GOP want to privatize the Veterans Administration (VA). If they succeed, I suggest that the next step should be to privatize the biggest money waster in government, the Department of Defense (DOD). Then the next time we want to go to war, the government can solicit competitive bids from Blackwater, Halliburton et al. No more cost-plus contracts for defense contractors.

Senator Condoleezza Rice?

Some on the Right want to draft Condoleezza Rice to run for the open US Senate seat from California in 2016. She is not qualified for that position as she was not qualified to be George W. Bush’s National Security Advisor. When Colin Powell resigned, Bush promoted her to Secretary of State, for which position she was not qualified either. The probable Democratic candidate in the race is Kamala Harris, currently California state Attorney General. Rice has a snowball’s chance in a Death Valley summer of winning. Perhaps the GOP want a black woman in the race to oppose Harris who is of mixed ancestry.

He’s in!

Not officially yet, but I am sure that Jim Webb will declare his candidacy for president as a Democrat. I sent him a small campaign donation and as a reward, he is sending me two bumper stickers at no additional charge. No other campaign has ever done that for me. His bumper stickers read as follows: “Jim Webb 2016, Leadership You Can Trust.”